VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

Last week I acquired a Royal Oak 15300 to go along with my Overseas chronograph. Since I've seen quite a few people on these forums ask many times which one to choose, I figured I'd post a comparison. Now I know it’s not quite an apples to apples comparison seeing that one is a chronograph and one isn't but I think you'll get the idea. Both companies make a date, chronograph, and dual time version of these watches.

The Royal Oak is one of the most iconic, well known sports watches on the market. The styling hasn't changed much over the years. The watch still looks very similar to the way it looked in the 70's when it was first released. The Overseas has morphed at least 4 times since the 70's starting with the 222 then on to the Phidias. In 1996 the original version of the Overseas was released. I feel that VC's newest offering (released in 2004) is more of a modern looking version of the Royal Oak.

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

DIAL: I prefer the guilloche dial on the VC compared the hobnail of AP’s. The big date is also a nicer feature. I do like the markers and hands better on the AP. The lume on both watches is about equal. The advantage here goes to VC

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

BRACELET: Both bracelets are extremely well made, with AP's being one of the most recognizable on the market. The polishing job done on the Royal Oak bracelet is the best I've ever seen. VC's bracelet is outstanding as well. It's very comfortable and was designed in a way that it incorporates the companies malte cross logo. It’s tough to choose a winner in this dept. but due to comfort reasons VC has the slight overall advantage. The links on the Royal Oak's bracelet tend to catch wrist hair making it a little uncomfortable at times.

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

CASE/BEZEL: Advantage goes to the Royal Oak, the bezel has been copied so many times over the years, it's really one of AP's trademarks. Both cases are built like tanks.

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

CROWNS/WATER RESISTANCE: The VC's crowns are nicer looking and the watch is water resistant up to 150m whereas the AP's water resistant is a little disappointing for a sport watch at 50m. Advantage VC.

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

CASE BACK/MOVEMENT: The AP wins hands down although this is an instance where we are not really comparing apples to apples. AP's chronograph offering uses the same F. Piguet movement as VC's and the case back is pretty plain whereas VC has a nice engraving of a ship. Since we are comparing it with the 15300 I've give AP the edge.

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

Here are wrist shots of both watches.

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........

In closing there really isn't a right or wrong answer here. You will be very pleased with either offering, it all really comes down to personal tastes. For me, I prefer the modern look, size, and comfort of the Overseas but with that being said I think the overall consensus would disagree with me. So there you have it, I hope this comparison is helpful.


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Finally a side by side comparaison! Thanks for sharing and very
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Thanks for sharing Tony, even though the movement comparaison is
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difficult as your RO has an inhouse time only movement whereas the OS is a chrono the dial, case, bracelet comparaiosns are great. Thanks for sharing and wear both in good health

This was greatly needed, thanks Tony, I'm putting it up in the
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Recommended Threads section.

great write up, thanks
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Congrats for your new AP RO TonyR...
03/08/2008 - 21:19

...and thanks for this illustrated comparison!!

Very very hard to compare these two so specific and so much "similar" collections at the same time.

Thanks yo your review, I would choice:

- time only: AP RO

- chrono: I don't like big date, but i would choice the VC Overseas

- dualtime: VC Overseas without any hesitation

Thanks for this beauty contest
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My vote for the AP

Thanks for the illustrated comparison...
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As you mentioned, it is very hard to compare all aspects of these watches as they are not exactly both "apples" or both "oranges".  One thing is for sure, they are not "lemons" (sorry, could not resist).

As far as the movements and functions are concerned, they are really too different to compare.  The big date on the OS is great but to be fair, the time only OS also doesn't have a big date and it doesn't have an in-house movement either (for those who put a premium on that aspect).

I agree with you that the OS is the more modern of the two and rightly so.  While the RO has kept true to its roots (bracelet/case design, hands & markers, waffle-pattern dial), the OS is the 4th incarnation of a series so it is not as tied up with the "original" 222.

I think the RO represents an icon in Luxury sports/sporty watches.  Despite being a sporty SS watch, it is still a very elegant design (especially since we are looking at the time only model).  The OS seems to be designed for a more active lifestyle with its higher water-resitance, anti-magnetism, and bolder design and sizing (although I much prefer one in 40mm).

The bracelet desing is a matter of taste.  The RO is of course more subdued, but (as you have already pointed out) represents one of the most recognizeable (Genta?) designs which has withstood the test of time.  I like the new OS bracelet over the old one as it definitely has more character.  If comfort is the parameter, I think the OS has the edge here, as the RO bracelet is not as supple and does not fit smaller wrists as well as the OS (although the 43mm might be too much for the small wrist).

I agree with your choices though.  I would also go for the RO for time only, and the OS for the Chronograph.  I kinda lean towards the RO's Dual Time though.

Again, thanks for the comparo!  Keep 'em coming!!

Enjoy your watches in the best of health!!



Re: VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........
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Thanks for all of your responses. I hope is review is helpful.


Re: VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........
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I'm a new member... I'm Italian and so excuse me if I don't speak English very well... Above all compliments for the article... Satisfy me a curiosity: why someone choose audemars piguet for the only time? What differences are there? (will obviously be minimum)... Do they have the same precision? Is one more precise than the other?

Thanks advancely for the attention.

Welcome Stefano, I'll let Tony reply on his reason.. (nt)
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Re: Welcome Stefano, I'll let Tony reply on his reason.. (nt)
03/10/2008 - 17:20

Thanks Alex for the hearty welcome...

The invitation to answer was turned to everybody...  Also your precious opinion interest me...

I'm interest to purchase a Vacheron Constantin Overseas only time for its technical qualities and inimitable design, but having heard about the adverse preferences I would like to know the motivations...

Who is the most precious?

Re: Re: Welcome Stefano, I'll let Tony reply on his reason.. (nt)
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Excuse me... the most precise!

Hi Stefano, you may want to post this question directly as a new
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topic so it comes up on the 1st page.

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I don't think there is a right or wrong answer here, both the Overseas and Royal Oak are outstanding watches that I would rate as equals. It comes down to which model you like better. As stated in my post, I prefer the modern look, size, and comfort of the Overseas slightly over the iconic "70's" look of the AP. With that being said I like both offerings very much, hence the reason for owning a version of the VC & AP. Good luck with your decision, I hope the review was helpful.


Re: Re: Re: VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison........
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Thanks for the answer...

I agree with you on the modern look... I prefer it

Re: VC Overseas vs AP Royal Oak comparison
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> both the Overseas and Royal Oak are outstanding watches that I would rate as equals

> I hope the review was helpful

> Tony

The original text compared a chronometer with a chronograph... For the sake of fairness, let us compare the two chronometers, being the A.P. 15300 Royal Oak and the V.C. 47040 Overseas. The Overseas has a calibre VC.1126/1, truly being a JLC 889, while the Royal Oak has a calibre AP 3120.

The JLC 889 is known to be a finicky 36 jewels calibre:

The AP 3120 is a 45 jewels calibre, with ceramic ball bearing, 22k gold rotor, and 60h power reserve.

The AP 3120 is (far) superior to the JLC 889, and thus the Royal Oak is (much) better than the Overseas.

To be of comparable quality, V.C. should "upgrade" the Overseas to either the JLC 899 or the more recent 972-975.

Given the important difference in quality, I am very surprised by the comparable price.

Concerning the case, given their sportive yet elegant aim, I note that the Overseas's beazel and bracelet have edges and concavities, and thus require endless care to clean properly and frequently. By comparison the Royal Oak is less prone to gathering dust, although the screw heads in the beazel might still get some.


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I agree with you with you, I do prefer AP 's date version over VC's but to me it was just based on the overall look and how the watch fit into my collection. The only thing I didn't like about the Overseas was the placement of the date but really, the main reason I got the AP was because it fit my collection better seeing that I had the VC chronograph already.

Having an in-house movement really had no influence on my choice. At one point it in my life it may have, but I really don't feel that one is far superior or much better than the other because of the movement inside. In-house or not both movements do what there intended to do and thats telling accurate time. I think an ultimate decision has to come down to which look grabs your attention most. For me, in-house or not, it's the Overseas line.


Thanks a lot Tony!
03/13/2008 - 18:41

I'm a little bit late in replying, but I really liked this comparison.

To be honest, I have always preferred the AP RO Chrono to the VC Overseas Chrono, but the more I look at the VC, and the more I like it. And your analysis really helps in comparing both...

If I ever get one, I would probably go for the DT instead of the Chrono, and it will probably be a VC...



We can never discuss taste, but we can discuss facts!
12/21/2010 - 02:47
Facts coming: AP created the new luxury segment of 'high end watches'. AP was the leader, copied by PP and VC. AP got stuck in RO. AP overkilled RO by versions of versions, like in the computer world. I was guest at AP for a week three years ago. A fantastic trip. Lovely people. I loved the first RO, but then it was downhill. If we talk about bracelets, the bracelet to the new Overseas, is the most outstanding bracelet VC ever have done. It's just magic. It in itself is the highest form of art. When it comes to the watch, I think the Overseas is much more good looking, that's subjective. What's definitive is, after handling them both, in so many versions as few persons has, I can say objectively, that the Overseas is a finer piece of craftmanship. You can see it with your eyes, but more important, you feel it. The Overseas is smoother. That's why I shall have an Overseas as soon as possible Cheers Doc