VC & patents

As you may know, you can have free access to patents via the European Patents Office's website:

(btw this site is a huge source of technical information for any watches enthousiast!)

If you do search with "Applicant" = Vacheron Constantin, you'll be able to browse and download all patents related to our favorite brand.You can find patents for "Richemont" as well; and some Richemont's patents are illustrated with VC watches, other with different brands from the group.

So I wonder how the split between VC and Richemont is done (if there is any); if the patent is applied by Richemont, does that mean that every brand of the group may use the patent?

Thanks to enlighten me. ;o)

some really interesting stuff there! The fun part is guessing which
07/17/2008 - 12:42

brand will be using the devices described in the patent.

The patents for VC are rather older ones I think - and this is only guess work - that Richemont makes tha patent applications for the following reasons:

a) So no one can figure out which brand is working on what (privacy and confidentiality vis à vis competition)


b) The legal structure of Richemont, the Richemont brands are branches of the holding company (and not subsidiaries) as such they do not have a legal existence per se and cannot therefor apply for a patent.