VC Product Availability and Commitment.

I'm posting because of a very strange experience I just had with VC over a watch I ordered and paid for. What transpired would never happen in my business, and Im curious to know your thoughts. I inquired through my AD about ordering in an OS watch and was told that if I made payment I would get the watch in March (that was confirm by the AD speaking with the rep). I made the full payment based on that, and now one week later im told delivery would be end of May. To me when a potnetial buyer inquires about purchasing and it goes so far that the manufacture gets involved and quotes and ETA that ETA is part of the agreement. Changing it after payment is made leaves some type of accountability on the manufacture to follow through with the agreement. What are your thoughts? I represent a major manufacture covering a larger region and this type of thing would never happen if inventory was checked, confirmed and payment was made based on that. 

I sent an email to the AD to outline my frustration, but im curious to know other peoples thoughts.

As a side note I was told by my AD that they spoke to the VC rep and the watch was actually "put aside for me" in so many words putting pressure on my to make the payment within a certain time frame.

this is a touchy subject as delivery dates depend on
03/02/2013 - 01:17
how fast the suppliers can supply the outside components (dial, case, hands etc...) and this is independent of the manufacturer and AD and how fast the watchmakes can assemble the movements (keeping in mimd that at VC the watchmakers have no preassure and if it takes tham a week to assemble a movement instead of 3 days its not an issue) so it is not unusual to not respect delivery, however your AD knows about this (and this is somethng ALL brands share) and should not have asked you 100% but just a small down payment to reserve the watch
Re: this is a touchy subject as delivery dates depend on
03/02/2013 - 01:40
The amount of payment up front is not my concern as paying everything up fron was part of our agreement. The issue is it sounded like the product was "ready" as apposed to "made to order" as you describe it. I supposed if I was told it was made to order, and delivery times could range that much I would be ok (had I been told that up fron). Having it change from March to May overnight is my concern, and weather you are talking watches, cars, furniture or electronics if you prepay for a product and the manufacturer gives a delivery time prior to payment then delivery time and product become part of the agreement IMO. If the product hasnt yet been made, and its made to order any number of things can go wrong ( I agree with you), and in that case promising a 1 mont delivery from and order shouldnt be done from the start. That can't be the reason in this case, however, because as you stated they (VC in the case) would know that and would never make such a promise.  My AD is in contact with VC about this and i hope to hear some good news about this in the near future.