VC Service Update

Hello Fellow Loungers,

I had a vintage pocket watch fully restored by VC that was returned to me last October.  When I got the watch back, it was running fast in all 6 positions (from 13-23 seconds per day, I know I know, not bad for a 102 year old watch - but I'm a real stickler for accuracy from my watches).  There were some other smaller things (such as being unable to open the case backs, etc.)

I asked Customer Service at Richemont U.S. if this was normal, didn't get any replies.  I contacted VC's after-sales service head in Geneva and was told I'd get a reply within a week.  I waited for a few weeks, then for a month and finally 2 months.  I left a few follow up messages but still got no reply.

Finally, I got a reply after 3 months.  What was frustrating was VC had responded after the first week and wanted me to send the watch into Richemont's U.S. service center for a minor adjustment to the case and simple regulation of the movement.  I never got the email.  VC also told Richemont U.S. to get in touch with me to make arrangements for sending the watch to them, but this never happened either.

After discovering that I returned to China, VC kindly had the master watchmaker (a friend and gentleman that I already knew)  at the Shanghai Maison contact me and asked me to bring the watch in at my convenience.  Well, I just left the Maison a few hours ago - totally satisified.  My watch was regulated and now keeping time at a rate of no more than +5 sec/day, unbelievable for a watch of this age, IMHO!

The case is a bit tight, and it was recommended that I don't try to open it on my own.  I can live with this as long as the watch is running so well!  The major reason I wanted to open the case to begin with was to see the position of the regulator and see if it was adjusted to slow down the rate (it was actually set more to the speed up the rate).

The reason I'm writing this post is to let others know: at times when you think VC's service may not meet your expectations - it may not be the VC Maison itself, but some other reason.  VC's people have all been very courteous and helpful in my personal dealings with them. 

I want to thank Sylvia Boujol, Larent Mugnier and Alexandre Kerguen.  Their commitment to the Maison is a credit to VC!

Best Regards, Dan
thanks for the heads up, I was scared at the begining since it sounded
03/12/2010 - 17:50
like a horror story but glad things worked out.
Re: VC Service Update
03/12/2010 - 19:35
From what I understand, it's Richmont US (this time) that gave the impression that VC was slow in responding to customers. And the conclusion that I'm drawing from this is that it's always a good idea to live in a country where there is a VC boutique :) I'm glad everything turned out great for you. Tien
Re: VC Service Update
03/13/2010 - 04:47
Hi Tien, I personally believe that it's always better for companies to have more direct touch with their customers when service is important (pre-sales, sales, and post-sales). BR, Dan P.S.,  I think THL is a strong example of this in action.
I think my vintage is somewhere inthe pipeline...!
03/13/2010 - 21:55
Hi Dan! Great to hear you got your vintage piece back with such satisfaction! I know exactly how you felt about the waiting and frustration before getting any news about your watch. As you are aware, my watch was sent to Geneva after both Richemont in HK and Taipei said they could not service vintage pieces.  After three months of waiting for a response, or even a quotation, despite repeated phone calls to follow up (the response was always "my colleague is out at the moment, and she will contact you tomorrow...!?! but of course I never heard from them!)- some news came through last week when a quotation was finally given to me. I gave the go ahead on everything except the optional "dial restoration" and now just waiting for a revised quotation to sign off. If all goes well, my watch is now somewhere in the Geneva workshops and will soon enjoy a nice oil bath and clean, as well as a few new shiny parts! Nine months later, you should all be hearing some good news from me when I (hopefully) receive it back in my loving hands! Best regards JAMES
which watch did you send out? (nt)
03/14/2010 - 02:01
Re: which watch did you send out? (nt)
03/14/2010 - 05:43
Hi Alex! I sent my vintage 6272 to Richemont Taipei when I was in Taiwan in December.  It took 3 months for a quote, but I am happy it has finally come through after a few follow up calls... At one stage the staff in Taipei were not sure where the watch was!  But hopefully all is good now...just waiting on the revised quotation to sign off... The turn around time is 9 months, which is quite good I think! I will keep the Hour Lounge posted on the progress! Best regards JAMES