VC Servicing & the Vulgar subject of Coin !!

Hi all,

I have purchased a cal 1001 watch,unserviced, which I am considering sending to VC for a possible service and spruce up.The dial is fine,no damage,or deterioration,but I am concerned more to get this vintage watch serviced.My watchmaker managed to service my 1003 caliber watch,but cannot obtain parts etc) for this particular caliber 1001.Assuming there is nothing to catastrophic with the movement,when it comes to be serviced - can any members give an indication of highs and lows price wise I can expect to pay for this - relative to some of the more complicated movements,I guess this is 'simple' if refined movement,possibly requiring less work ?

ThanksVC Servicing & the Vulgar subject of Coin !!
I have no idea on price but you can always send it to VC just to
07/31/2009 - 12:36
obtain a quote.
Re: I have no idea on price but you can always send it to VC just to
08/03/2009 - 21:33
Hi Alex, At the request of "Doc" I have downloaded some more photos that you might care to look at. You can see from the entries I did have an initial problem downloading them but I gradually learning. Appreciate any comments you might like to make. Regards, Tony NB: I couldn't manage to download the four photos in one go. Is that possible? I think it is!  Thks.
Re: VC Servicing & the Vulgar subject of Coin !!
07/31/2009 - 17:07
Dear Dr., As a Doctor you probably already know what to do. First, is the watch healthy to casual examination (+/- 60 sec./24 hours) or what ever metrics you like? If ok, you could get the piece "maintained" by a local watchmaker, possibly from your VC Authorized Dealer who probably has a watchmaker on staff.  If not, get a diagnosis from the local resource as to what is necessary to properly fix and a cost estimate.  The diagnosis should contain specifics, not generalities.  Then move on to a second opinion such as sending to VC for an estimate for repair. If major work is required VC would be the way to go.  As you know, one does not go to Podunk Community Hospital for a heart valve replacement  procedure if at all possible. My wife is now wearing my cal. 1001 ref 6181 and it's running well. Cheers, Robert