VC Traditionelle power reserve

I have my VC Traditionelle since July 2015.

Except for once, I cannot achieve a 60 hour reserve even after 250 winds.

Even after >250 winds, I can only get about 42 hours reserve.

Another thing is that the watch doesn't give me a resistence in winding. I seem to be able to wind it 300 winds with no resistance to winding.

My IWC Portugese Hand Wound 8 day stops me winding after 200 winds and give me 8 day power reserve. It also has a power reserve meter.

Another thing: the second hand doesn't hack.

Re: VC Traditionelle power reserve
11/27/2015 - 00:03

Hi,  Welcome to THL!

I cannot answer why your watch, (I believe you are referring to a Traditionelle Small Secodns Ref. 82172),  has only acheived it's 60-hours PR only once so far.  I would have VC take a look at it. Especially if you bought it new, while it is still under its 2-year warranty period.

Yes, the watch does not give you resistance to winding and it was designed that way.

Cal. 4400 was also designed without a hacking seconds feature.  Very few VC watches have a hacking seconds, this is also a design decision.

Obviously it does not have a PR indicator, though I would personally love to see one on the back side of the movement.

Other watches have the "features" that you mentioned are lacking in the Ref. 82172, you already own such a watch.  Were you expecting this VC to be the same as your IWC?  Isn't that like comparing an apple to an orange?

Best Regards, Dan

I own the Traditionelle Manual Wind since early 2011. My experiences:
11/27/2015 - 06:29

- It needs approx 125-130 winds before you feel the resistance kicking in. (Though you do not need to fully wind - 100 winds will do if you are counting.)

- I get about 67-69 hours power reserve.

- Perhaps you should send your VC for service? Also, please post pictures of your model so we know we are speaking of the same pice.

- Never compare VC with IWC. Totally different brands and different philosophies. IWC's of today are mostly about Marketing and less about Watchmaking. VC has a lot of Marketing, no doubt, but as a brand it is fully about the Many Facets of Watchmaking.

I try to use methapors - sometimes I am not so good with them - but comparing VC Traditionelle to IWC Portugeuse is akin to comparing a Rolls Royce to a Porsche Cayene / Range Rover. They are apples and oranges as Dan rightly pointed out.

The absence of hacking seconds and also stop seconds is a intentional design decision. The calibre 4400 is one of the finest serially produced manual mind movements in the world today. It is one of the true gem's of VC.


Mine's ticking well
12/06/2015 - 06:10

No issues here. Just looked, and mine, last wound about 65 hours ago, is still ticking away nicely.

Re: VC Traditionelle power reserve
11/27/2015 - 07:08