VC Traditionelle power reserve - update

I post this topic a few months ago: that this watch (bought new) only gave me 40 something hours Power Reserve.

I sent it back to the dealer and in a week, it came back saying that there was no problem. (I guess it didn't go back to Switzerland).

I tested it again a few times, and it still gave me some 40 hours.

I then changed the way I wound it: with longer strokes. Formerly, I used short winding (1/3 to 1/2 of a full winding). Now I used longer winding (3/4 of a full winding).

It changed.

After 17 tests, it now consistently gives me more than 60 hours, sometimes even 67 hours with 100-130 windings.

Of course I am happy. This watch is the most accurate among the 6 watches I bought in the last 14 months, two Rolexes, one IWC, one Jaeger LeCoultre, one Omega Seamaster Master Co-axial. Needless to say, this the most elegant and classy watch I have.

No complain now, just admire it daily.

Still I wonder why it behaved the way it used to.

Oh, now, after 100 windings, I do feel some resistence. I am not going to force it beyond this point.




good to hear that things worked out and thanks for sharing your experience
03/15/2016 - 18:12


Thanks for the update, great to hear about the positive result
03/15/2016 - 21:18

The only thing I can guess right now is when you use a short wind vs. long wind, assuming both times you do 100-130 windings:

(100 x 1/3 turn ) = 33.33 full turns vs. (100 x 3/4) = 75 full turns

(130 x 1/3 turn ) = 43.33 full turns vs. (130 x 3/4 turn) = 97.5 full turns

So the mainspring is wound much more close to its maximum capacity, giving you the power reserve you should expect.

BR, Dan

Re: Thanks for the update, great to hear about the positive result
03/15/2016 - 21:56

Thanks Dan,

When I used short winding, I wound it 300 times or so.

Now, I wind it 100-130 times.

Strange, isn't it?


Hmm, that is interesting.
03/16/2016 - 07:52

That is strange, unless there is some "back lash", where if you turn it enough...although the crown turns 1/3-1/2 turn...the mainspring backtracks a little bit?

No idea, just hypothesizing.

Re: Hmm, that is interesting.
03/18/2016 - 17:57

It is strange. Maybe there was some 'back lash'. I am not sure.

Before, when I wound it 300 times (with smaller strokes), there didn't seem to have any resistance. Now, with longer strokes, the resistence is definitly there after 100 windings or so.

Before, there were some 'recoils' of the crown when I wound it, but not now.

Also, if I wind it from a complete stop, it took 30+(small strokes), and with longer strokes 20 windingss to make the small second hand to start ticking.

It is really a beauiful watch, esp with 38mm, fits me perfectly. I like the double sided alligator strap too.

I don't wear it daily, but will hold it in my hand to admire it each and every day.

Re: VC Traditionelle power reserve - update
03/19/2016 - 05:10


This discussion is very interesting to me

because I love manual winding watches.

I need to know characteristics of manual movements.



Re: Re: VC Traditionelle power reserve - update
03/19/2016 - 20:48

Hello io,

The other manual winding watch I bought, the IWC Portuguese 8 day, is straight forward. With a power reserve meter, there is no guessing and a obvious resistent when fully wound. Aways give me 8 day PR.

My VC Traditionelle Small second Ref:  #82172/000R-9382 is more intriguing, or finicky (may I say). After a few months, I finally get consistently >60 hours PR, due to a change in our way of winding it. However, depending on how I wind it (smaller turn or bigger turn of the crown), it somethings give 60 hours, and sometimes, give me >66 hours. This last time, it gives me >66 hours and is still running as I write.Very interesting.

As long as it works this way, I am happy. The remarkable thing is that it is so accurate; hardly gains or loses a fraction of a second a day. My olther watch that comes close is the Rolex DJII, almost same accuracy.

Those being said, I think my next watch will be a self winding. After viewing the excellent expośe from Alex, I am really tempted to get the new OS. With that price range, I can also considered the IWC Chronograph Classic in Rose Gold. (Steel VC OS vs IWC RG). But both watches have case size of 42mm, a bit big for me.

The new OS Chrono or just date and time offers a striking beautiful blue dial. This maybe the most desirable version. But my DJII and Omega SM AT also have blue dials and they are also very beautiful. It is hard for me to choose another blue watch unless I get the DJII to my son. He already get my IWC and another Rolex, GMT Master II Blue Black, aka Batman.

Have fun. Sorry I have to be away for 3 weeks, will rejoin this forum when I come back.

66 hours?
03/22/2016 - 04:53

I'm amazed to hear that.

Your experiments are more and more interesting.