VC vs. Patek What about VC vs. Lange?

As Alex said in the thread below, “ahhh the famous Patek vs Vacheron debate”… I am of the same view, PP’s perceived superiority is down to marketing, and is only that, “perceived”. In my view the finishing of both firms is on par, in some instances VC coming on top, and on some other PP (John’s post comparing the 5970 against the 47212 – in this case, I must say tha PP wins, adding a few bridges does make the movement prettier).
VC vs. Patek What about VC vs. Lange?
But I digress…

The point of my post is to ask fellow Loungers how they perceive VC vs. Lange movement, and how great is the quality gap, if any?

Unless I am mistaken, within Richemont Lange is positioned as a higher brand than VC (at least judging by the price point). Most experts seem to agree that there is probably no better chrono movement than the one in the Datograph…

Interested to hear your views…


Re: VC vs. Patek What about VC vs. Lange?
10/07/2009 - 23:07
Hi Francois, From my limited personal experience of visiting the factories (VC & PP) I think that the degree of finishing paricularly hand-finishing is superior at VC. I would also say that Chopard has extremely good workmanship on a par with VC. But they tend to be ignored because of their past unimpressive work (pre LUC) and their emphasis on jewelery. As far as Lange is concerned its a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Their design and art and craft is magnificent. I have never visited Glashutte so i can't speak from experience, but i do own 5 langes and always ejoy looking at the movements with a loupe. They really are a synthesis of art and technology. Regards, Joseph
that is such a good piece of news....
10/09/2009 - 08:40
as i have not had the opportunity and time to visit any of the factories. if u can elaborate, how's the hand-finishing at VC more supperior? my impression of lange is machine perfection, do they also hand-finish bevelling too? i also have the dato and am impressed by the finishing. it is almost perfect for me, if not of the height of the case. as for the luc , i bought into it because of the finishing too... regret i do not have abetter pic to show. however, at the end of the day, the brand name on the dial and heritage counts much more.
Lange is not positionned higher than VC within Richemont as to
10/08/2009 - 12:27
compare Lange and VC finish I can't say one is supperior to the other but VC's takes more time! Lange has a traditional Saxon finish very much in technicolor with the red jewels, yellow chatons and blued screws whereas VC has a typical genevan finish with the specific bridge shapes and a more subdued look.  Where I say the VC finish takes more time is that the hardest and mst delicate part of movement finish consists of the beveling and Lange with its 3/4 plate angles just one part of the top bridge whereas VC with its multi bridge construction has more parts to bevel. However kudos should be given to Lange for waking up the Swiss watch industry by giving it a huge kick in the bottom in 1994 and its relaunch, they showed the Swiss what real finish should look like (something the Swiss had somewhat forgotten). As for the Datograph I think the fact that Lange in such a short time came out with such a phenomenal manual wind chrono movement, which only the Lemania (which is over 50 years old) can compete with, has put the bar very high and undoubtedly when VC and PP comeout with their own manual chrono movement they shall be compared to the Dato. 
Thank you Jospeh and Alex for the answers
10/09/2009 - 02:57
Thanks Alex for correcting me on Lange's positioning within the Richemont Group. I was basing my assumption on the price point (at least for the chronos, Lange's are a bit dearer than VC's), and I had in the back of my mind a brand positioning chart that Nico had shared with us a while back, where Lange was positioned above VC (see below). But looking at the source, it comes from Pictet, so I guess that was only their perception... (anyway, in my heart VC has always been no1) As you both pointed out, Lange's finishing approach is quite different from VC, but I still wondered if one technique was harder to master than the other - thanks as well for letting me know that VC's finishing can take more time. I had read once that working with German silver was really hard, and required extra care... Cheers, Francois