VC Watches, how much of a watch is VC???

Apologies for asking the most fundamental question I should know, but for my own clarification.  I have read many magazines but I am still none the wiser!

Are all parts of the watches made by VC.  I know for instance my Royal Eagle has FP movement.  Does this mean the movement is made elsewhere and VC just places it in the case with other sub contracted parts?  What parts of the watch are originally produced by VC in thier factory, glass, strap, case, etc?

I know there are in house movements, does this mean every part is made in house, machined and finished by craftspeople.  Or is it like the premium car industry were most parts are outsourced and the pieces finished off and assembled in the final workshop with the company badge added?

Thanks for the help?

The outsourced movements used by VC are recieved in the
05/19/2011 - 03:21
form of a kit, some parts are replaced or modified by VC, finished and assembled. So sometimes you can have the same base movement in two different watches from 2 brands with a different look, especially on the finish. As for the inhouse movements all parts are machined within the VC factory (other than for example screws, jewels, balance and hairspring), the exterior of the watch such as strap, case or dial are ordered from specialised makers. hope this helps
Thanks Alex, explains evrything, cheers. nt
05/20/2011 - 01:51