VC website lacks a contact link

I just spent a frustrating half an hour searching for a link to contact VC via through their website. I want to ask them whether they could supply me a yellow 18k buckle for my vintage watch and it turned into quite a nightmare. Doing the same on the Patek website was 5 mins flat and a breeze.
have you tried the "contacts" section in their web site? All you have
08/22/2008 - 12:04
to do is call the VC centre of your location and if you live in the US you can email the concierge service. I've called VC Hong Kong and US and have always been provided with had excellent service.
Re: have you tried the "contacts" section in their web site? All you have
08/25/2008 - 08:44
Well, Im located in India, and did call up the closest dealer in distant Mumbai, who was not in the least helpful. He refused to give me even an approximate price or the availability/ delivery time for a simple VC buckle despite my being able to provide him exact specs of what I required for my VC.  Infact the owner of the shop just didn't seem the least bit interested at all in this petty a sale, and was quick to hang up after letting me know I must make a trip to him with my watch to let him see it, only after which he could provide me an estimate for a buckle. He refused to let me email him scans either, which is a big dissapointment for I expect him to look at my convenience as a customer, and not his own. I don't see myself buying or suggesting another VC faced with this dismal and stubborn attitude with after sales service here, which is sad for I truly love the brand and admire its history and current range of excellent products.
that's called a lousy AD! I suggest you call VC directly. As you are
08/25/2008 - 12:06
in India I don't know if you depend on the Middle East or Asian subsidiaries but here are the details: Richemont Dubai Emirates Tower 36th Floor P.O. Box 27156 Dubai Tel : 00971- 43 30 43 00 Fax : 00971- 43 30 44 30  Richemont Asia Pacific Limited 1 Connaught Place Room 1307, Jardine House Hong Kong Tel : 00852-214 38 111 Fax : 00852-251 10 303
Re: that's called a lousy AD! I suggest you call VC directly. As you are
08/29/2008 - 12:20
Thanks a lot Alex. Yes, I agree calling them directly now remains my sole alternative, which is quite a shame considering all they need is a contact us link or email on the website that allows them to hear of such stupid after sales people and how they are incompetent and a poor help to customers.  This sort of negligence on the sub dealers part costs no one more dearly than VC, the company, for it is the sort of thing that is enough to force a future buying decision in favour of other brands that offers better support in India. A crying shame.