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Hello dear Forum members,

one of the final questions for my research project: Are there any women in this forum? If so, what do women value from VC? For all male Forum members, have you ever bought a VC watch piece for your wives/girlsfriends/daughters/granddaughters/etc.?
Do you think women value different aspects than men when it comes to exclusive watches?

Looking forward to your answers!

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This is of course an
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equal opportunities Forum without discrimination. So I would encourage any female Forum members who have purchased VC watches for their girlfriends also to feel welcome to participate. And not forgetting mistresses, or Toyboys... Again open to either male or female Forum members.... I think that covers all the bases, well those I'm missing maybe someone else can fill in? G
LOL the man is wild!!!!!!!
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Hmmm...which one should I choose?
10/08/2011 - 09:52
With kind assistance from VC designer Mr Christian Selmoni, Ruby has quite a task to choose a favourite! After much deliberation (and some helpful advice from Alex), finally.... Rocio, to answer your question - I did buy a V&C we could both share: Vintage and while it is a man's watch, it is small enough for ladies too! As for different aspects concerning choice - absolutely!  Ruby told me she chooses something for fashion and elegance over performance or technological specification (which males would tend to assess upon).  Fortunately VC possess all these features! Best regards JAMES
Yeah Baby...
10/08/2011 - 21:09
Beautiful vintage watch James heart.  Yesterday's men's watch sizes are considered too small by today's standards, but make the perfect compliment to a lady's wrist (or those men who do not have size envy wink).  Does it have the caliber 1002?
Re: Yeah Baby...
10/09/2011 - 01:26
Hi Dean! Yes indeed it does! With a Geneva Seal too!  Currently the watch is on its way to VC service in Switzerland for a checkup...hope to see it on my (woops, I mean Ruby's!) wrist again soon! Hehehe! With warmest regards JAMES
The heart that beats within...
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A very beautiful movement cool
To be perfectly honest,
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Vacheron Constantin have had it difficult in our time, to cut a piece of the women watch cake! This goes for at least for the last 30 years. To me it seems like women prefers other brands, especially Cartier, I have only to look at my wife's wrist cool OTH, in my opinion, it seems like VC never really has tried hard enough to catch the women, anyhow not as hard as the buyers of men watches has......smiley VC watches has every year, been far down in the published ilsts of popularity, in all magazines I read, including the German Armanduhren. In the art deco period it was rather the opposite, Vacheron Constantin was the choice for women! If you have a look at V&C's site, you don't get excited..... By introducing new Patrimony Contemporaine small model, I belive the ice is broken laugh It's a break through for women and men! Cheers Doc