VC wristwatch identification

I just joined this forum, so hi to you all.
I have a VC wristwatch that belonged to my grandfather. My father once took this watch to a watchmaker to get it repaired? evaluated? - I don't know. When I found this watch there was this piece of paper with this written on it: Vacheron & Constantin, Geh 276677, Werk 473844, Col V453, cca 1947.
I'm also attaching a photo.  As you can see it's in a pretty bad condition. It works fine, well, in two days it is late by about 2 minutes. 
I would like to know what model it is, I mean the name of the model and the year it was made... Is the date 1947 correct?
Also I would like to know how much it's worth - I wear it to work, where I have to take it off often (physician), and if it turns out it costs a lot I'll stop wearing it stuck it in a drawer, where it would be "safe" :(
Thank you!


VC wristwatch identification
Info All Correct
11/22/2009 - 06:40
Thanks for providing a makes the task of identification much easier .  The info you have appears to be absolutely correct for this piece and can easily be confirmed by removing the caseback to examine the case and movement numbers directly.  Also, you should find a 4-digit model reference on the inside of the caseback.  The year is likely correct.   The dial was repainted previously and has weathered badly .  Value is about the same as (or slightly more than) a Rolex of the same period in the same condition! The movement should look like this: A clean example should look similar to this Ref 4073: Antiquorum Photo
its a great looking watch and definately worth wearing instead of
11/22/2009 - 16:27
putting away in a safe!
Re: its a great looking watch and definately worth wearing instead of
11/22/2009 - 22:29

I was joking with the "putting it away in a drawer..."

Well, at least partly joking...

Who do you thinkg could restore this watch? And what could I expect from a restoration - I mean waht can and what cannot be done in terms of restoration? Thank you!

Re: Re: its a great looking watch and definately worth wearing instead of
11/23/2009 - 00:14
You can have it completely restored or partly restored, case dial movement. It depends on your goals. If you want it to look like new, restore the entire watch. if you want to sell it as an original vintage piece, just have someone clean it up and regulate it. Everything in between is possible. Vacheron does offer the sevice. Its expensive and takes quite some time. I have no experience with it but Dean (tick-talk) has. You might want to pick his brain. A good watchmaker can do a pretty decent restoration on it. However, if any part of the movement needs replacing it might be a problem since VC will only give (sell) their parts to their authorized repair centres. An excellent watchmaker however, can make parts. You might also want to contact the Concierge service in the US to see if they would recommend a repair facility close to your home. Very nice watch, BTW If you do fix it up, please post the before and after pics. Regards, Joseph