VC's add campaign elected best of the year by Uhrenmagazine readers

This campaign is 3 years old and still winning prizes VC's add campaign elected best of the year by Uhrenmagazine readers

VC's add campaign elected best of the year by Uhrenmagazine readers

Bravo to VC, but when will VC use REAL photos??
02/18/2008 - 16:29

Why not use REAL photos instead of these Photo-illustrations?

Images will never truly do justice to our beloved timepieces... But "real" photos are a lot closer to the reality, and are much more powerful, than the typical photo-illustations used by watch companies, which I find often look cheap. At least this is my opinion.

I am always happy to see "real-life" pics on the HL, because then I get a much better feel for what the watch really looks like... The recently posted pictures of the new Malte Power Reserve Moonphase give a perfect example: seeing the "real-life" pics really made me want to go out and buy one, whereas the official illustration didn't have any effect.   

I have to ask this question, hopefully somebody at VC will read my post and agree with it...

VacheronConstantin's advertisement and homepage.
02/18/2008 - 17:40

I can't really understand that the VC site gets so many "prizes",

because, just what Veillotron are saying below about the illustrations.

Use real watches, please, it's much more intersting,

and most of all gives more soul

Another thing in the catalogue as well as on the net,

I'll think they could give a lot more technical specifications of the watches.

What I also miss is pics, real, of the movements.

And in my point of view, I think they should have a collection of,

classic watches, unique pieces, vintage and newly discontinued watches,

the last because new customers often starts there!

3D, would be very intersting!

Check this boat site, with 360° look around.

Just amazing!

I have been in the boat ( 31 feet ),

after I saw this a year ago,

and it was a fascinating exsperience

But as Veillotron writes, real photos, please


The use of "in the flesh" photos exlpains in part the immense success
02/18/2008 - 18:11

of the internet discussion forums.

It is very difficult to put in the flesh photos on paper and the pictures need to be photoshoped so much that at the and they would end up looking like CAD so I guess the current solution is the best regarding the adds or what we see in magazines.

Regarding the 360° I once asked VC about it and they told me that it cost a fortune, I don't remember the exact amount but it seemed rather on the steep side.

And Doc, if you got everything you suggest already on the VC web site you wouldn't need HL any more  

LOL !!
02/18/2008 - 18:29

I know very well that you don't get everything you want,

but if we don't forward our ideas,

it leads to a stagnation.

I don't think it could be so dreadful exspensive,

with 360° technic today.

This boatfirm, I hope you looked at the images,

isn't so big, Finnish, and makes under 200 boats per year...

But it was just an idea

Remeber X-mas, and the list you wrote suggesting gifts?

1. A horse

2. A dog.

3. A sail-boat

and what did you get?



to play devil's advocate...
02/18/2008 - 19:15

...I am not sure I buy the argument that it would not print well:

* I have a few of VC's catalogues, and the paper seems high-quality enough to have proper photos printed looking good on it... It's not printed on a newspaper...

* As for printing in magazines, National Geographic has been printing beautiful pictures while I was still wearing diapers...

* As for the big billboards, what better place to put a big, real-life shot of a watch?

As you said, Alex, if "in the flesh" photos explains in part the success of the discussion forums, than it is because people really want it. I think it would be a good way for VC to improve its marketing vis-a-vis the whole industry: it seems everybody is doing the same thing...

Re:360 views
02/18/2008 - 19:25

Hi Alex,

You may have seen the Breguet website which does offer 360 views for some of the watches. In some cases its worth it if there is a display back or the movement itsself is decorated; but in truth, 4 pics (front, 2 sides and back) is just as useful and less difficult to implement.

As far as real world photos are concerned, yes and no. I don't think they should be used exclusively but they definitely can be used to enhance the message of any advertising . The illustrations used tend to show the watches at their best and the same methods are used by all the watch manufactures for that reason. Real photos tend to be used more in the illustration of sports watches, vintage pieces and in description and illustration of the manufacturing process. They require a good photographer, much time, a studio-like setting and even after all of that, someone who is adept at Photoshop.

Is it worth it?

Well sometimes it is and more often, probably not. It depends on your message, your intended audience, your budget and your abilities.

I like seeing the illustrations of watches at their best, and that includes other brands besides VC. I also like the real photos whether they're here at HL, other sites, eBay, dealers' sites, Antiquorum and books. and of course seing them "in the flesh" and trying on on is the best!

Well there's a contest in there, somewhere, Alex. Come up with an advertising concept, idea, illustrations/photos, new logos, etc. to promote Vacheron.

Just a thought...hehe


that's a great idea Joseph. Let me find a prize and we can do a fun
02/18/2008 - 19:41


That's a good idea Joseph! (nt)
02/19/2008 - 11:10


It is a great campaign, but...
02/18/2008 - 18:30

... I don't really want to sound too negative, but when are they going to bring a new message?

Length of history is one thing, albeit major, but the achievements, clientele and the majestic epic of VC also need to be communicated in my opinion.

I know it would be difficult sometimes to bring messages without copying competitors (such as the Breguet "famous people" or "famous writers" series), but let's face it: most people don't even know who Vacheron and Constantin were!! They were providing timepieces to the kings, elite and sophisticated people of the world!! They weren't just an old company that stuck it out for 250 years....

Anyway, just my 2 cents...

Available high definition pictures and detailed data of movements is a must as far as I am concerned. I know that this would backfire on many fronts if too readily available (the usual "not a manufacture ébauche" arguments).

From what I've learned in Marketing 101...
02/18/2008 - 19:07 campains' objective is to position a brand, and this is a long term exercise. I would therefore be surprised if VC changed the theme of its marketing campain...

Being the oldest watch manufacturer is VC's "claim to fame", and on the surface, one of the easiest way to separate itself from the competition.

I think it is quite a clever positioning strategy: just stating how "venerable" the company is. It is a very simple and easy message to remember. And it is easy for the target audience to attach further positive attributes to it... "Well, if VC has existed for this long, then it must have...

... a fantastic cultural heritage

... unsurpassed technical know-how 

... etc."

I'm not sure if I am explaining myself correctly, but that's how i see it. a bit like the classic marketing example of the Malborough Man: he's a cowboy smoking cigarettes. Jeez, he's cowboy, so he's tough, so tough men smoke Malborough...

...and the best don't have to say they are the best - they just assume everybody knows it.

Re: From what I've learned in Marketing 101...
02/18/2008 - 19:33

I agree with you, Veillotron.

It is an excellent marketing idea, even based in truth and should continue.

But I think it can be used as a basis for extending the ideas of VC's qualties. There are all kinds of possibilities about how to use the company's past to promote its future and hopefully VC is aware of that. Perhaps we will see something along those lines in the near future.



I agree with the success of the brand image it brings, but to me...
02/18/2008 - 21:24

... it is only step one. I believe that there are ways to keep the "oldest brand" message while still communicating other aspects. My example of the Breguet ads shows this: for example, the "famous writers ads" not only appeal to sophistication, culture, etc... but also show the age and history of the brand. Similar examples with the "famous clients" ads. I believe VC can also achieve synergies in message communications as I don't necessarily associate the same messages as you imply (fantastic cultural heritage, unsurpassed technical know-how, ...). There is undeniable element of "if we are the longest lasting, we must have been the best all through the ages too", but still, I don't think it is enough in many markets. I can see it working very well where ideas of "tradition, venerable, ancestry, etc..." are at the forefront of the culture (I'm thinking of Asia, where VC has opened most boutiques). Note of caution: what I write below is purely speculative and by no means am I an expert at anything I am writing about. I could be so wrong and misplaced as to be very embarrassing for me, and my family were they to find out... I think it needs a bit more of the "we were the kings' suppliers" or "we made the best watches" type of messages for Western Europe/North American markets. In the first instance there is elements of "we-made-the-best-since-the-Kings-would-only-get-the-best" but more so an element of "exclusivity" which associates with individuality, standing-out, etc... (very important especially in North America); the associations with famous historical figures also works out very well for "past-oriented" cultures which are present pretty much all across Europe, especially in France, UK, and many Central/Eastern countries with resurgence of national values and historical heritages. In the second instance, making the technically best watches and being recognized for it appeals more to the underlying European/North American beliefs that we deserve the best, and only the best, as a recognition of our own rewards for spetacular achievements as we tend to associate solely our own personal efforts to personal success rather than sometimes give credit to our own environments, groups, support networks, etc... "The best" also being associated with elements of (individual) competition (winning is everything) which is also extremely marked in American cultures (much more so than European cultures). Just throwing things out there, see what your opinions are.

there are 2 messages in VC's adds: the oldest company and "dedicated
02/18/2008 - 21:49

to perfection" the last part doesn't appear in the add Alex posted but I just had a look at my most recent issue of Watch Time and its indicated in the add there.

So I guess VC's message is not only on their history but also the high quality of their watches.

Examples !
02/18/2008 - 19:48

This is VC's own pic on their homesite

Quite unsexy in my opinion, at least when you know the real thing!

Then comes Deniz, with his "old" pics !

Thanks Deniz !

Please see all the other beautiful pics at :


Re: Examples !
02/19/2008 - 00:25

Right on, Doc!

Here's a few other examples:

Congrats VC!...
02/18/2008 - 21:34

My favorite of these VC ads is the Eiffel Tower with Malte Tonneau Skeleton Tourbillon in rose gold.



Never before seen VC ad !!!
02/18/2008 - 22:23

Of course they didn't have photography in those days....

just a note
02/18/2008 - 22:38

Just to make sure: that is not a real ad... I made it up.... my skills should be a dead ringer, but still, just wanted to make sure...

ROTFLMAO!! Good one :-) (nt)
02/18/2008 - 23:39


I like it :-) (nt)
02/19/2008 - 11:19

You are the future VC Ad Manager ;) (nt)
02/19/2008 - 15:22


Congrats VC! Simple & explicit ...and more the BiRetro is here...
02/19/2008 - 15:21

... all ingredients to defeat other!