Very nice Vintage 4073

Dears, I am new to the forum and it was about time I started my Vacheron & Constantin collection; Here is what I found. A gold vintage 4073 with a 18 jewel 453/3B movement. Unfortunately it has no box, no papers. I finally got to see it today. Here are my first impressions: Case number : 337462 / 4073 Movement: 520798 / P453/3B - No Geneva seal; however I have seen lots of pictures of such movements without a Geneva seal; - I read somewhere that the last 3 numbers of the case number should be printed on the inside of the body; could not find that either. I have also seen pictures of watches without that number. - 18 jewel? All P453/3B I have seen have 17 jewel... This is very strange. What do you think? Does anyone know what would be the date of this watch? Looking forward to reading your comments ! Manu-- this article is waiting for photos --
06/29/2013 - 15:58
06/29/2013 - 17:39
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06/29/2013 - 17:39
It looks like you have done a lot of homework on Vacheron Constantin calibers. In my archive I have the following versions of the 453 caliber.   V 453. 17 Jewels. No Geneva Seal. V 453-2C. 17 jewels. No Geneva Seal. V 453/3B. 17 Jewels. No Geneva seal on the samples I have. K 453/3BW. 18 jewels. With Geneva Seal.  Could it be the seller has forgotten the "W". Maybe this version exist with and without the Geneva Seal. P 453/3C. 17 jewels. No Geneva Seal.   The case number indicates that the watch was produced around 1953, but Alex can tell you the precise year.   Best wishes with your investigation and it will be interesting to see what other people here at the THL can tell you.   Kent