Video:The WorldTimer explained by Ch.Selmoni Artistic Director of VC

Video courtesy of Hodinkee click here
More and more I have a look at this model, more and more I like it
02/05/2011 - 00:35
Hope to see it again. Thanks Alexandre for sharing this video and another explanation of the time changes. Maybe, it could be of help (for me) to show an example of 1/2 time zone delay as if we are in India for instance as home time. Is it a mental correspondance or directly legible on the dial? Best regards, Liger
Tim, check this out!
02/05/2011 - 01:09
Under the lighting, doesn't it look like white gold?
You are correct, it is the long lost gold of the alchemist, switching
02/05/2011 - 02:37
from RG to WG right before your eyes! It does look cool in the WG mode, a little more subtle and makes me focus on the face, not the case. In my most humble opinion, of course! This one is a keeper. Thanks for the tip off. Not wearing my hockey hat today, we have +19 degress C here today! Best to you all, Tim
Good stuff!
02/06/2011 - 01:35
I also have to say, the more I see this watch, the more taken with it I am.  It is great to see how to operate the functions from the one crownin this video.  What a technical marvel this is.  I think this is definitely the new gold standard for world timers.   At first I thought the dial was a bit too busy (a common problem for world timers in general, I guess), but I am now feeling the beauty of the dial.  I love that there is no date.  This world timer has a purity to it.  It is all about the single complication and doing that job completely, perhaps for the first time ever with all 37 time zones, without any distractions.   I can't wait to see one of these in the metal. Best, respo