I know I'm not the only one that checks fleabay out for vintage Vacheron items Vigilance!.  Vigilance is definately required!  Taking a lesson from antiques appraisers, I first examine all the photos and, if satisfied, will go on to read the "sales pitch".  If the pictures are wrong, forget it.

There are over 30 bids on this Chronometre Royal pocketwatch right now, but the seller hasn't disclosed the missing fine regulator screw Vigilance!.

There doesn't seem to be a balance wheel either,
02/27/2009 - 03:41
I saw this, actually I'm keeping an eye on it, because want to see how it's doing (I have the same model pocketwatch).  This watch's case and movement #s are very close to mine.  When I compare it with my watch, I didn't see a balance wheel when I thought there would be a bimetallic one, with some screws along the circumference.  Am I correct about the balance wheel?  Are there other things that can be obviously noticed that are incorrect? (I know my watch isn't in perfect condition either as it needs a new balance staff and mainplate jewel - those aren't obvious from the picture, and the regulating needle is outside the swan's neck, but all will be fixed when I get it back from V&C) BR, Dan
Hard to tell...
02/28/2009 - 05:18
When the balance wheel is oscillating it just shows as a blur when you photograph it.  FWIW, seller says it's running .  I asked about the missing bits and got some "I don't know a watch from a shovel" reply.  Seems they always know the value of their precious and rare timepieces, just don't know an arbor from an escapement. BTW Dan, that is a very nice watch you least everything is present and a little V&C TLC will do the rest .
All I can say is...Duh!
02/28/2009 - 05:44
I never thought of the possibility that the picture was taken while the movement was working. Dean, now you know why my posts aren't very technical in nature! BR, Dan
Vigilance is king, thanks for pointing this out, could also be
02/27/2009 - 12:10
possible that the seller doesn't know himself