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I inherited a VC chronograph ten years ago from a great uncle. It has an inscription on back that is dated 1949. I originally thought the watch wasn't of much value. About a year ago I took it to a jeweler and had it serviced. It works well and keeps better time than my Rolex but that's not saying much. Actually it keeps great time. I would like to get it appraised so that I might sell it. I thought this would be a good forum to get some advice. I will be posting a picture by mail -- this article is waiting for photos --
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09/02/2013 - 11:55
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I can post more photos.  What angles would be helpful?   Thanks, j
You have a Ref 4178 that looks in great shape
09/02/2013 - 23:50
yes please post all sides, back, movement and inside of case back if you can heart.  The champleve dial looks wonderful... there should be SWISS under the 6 o'clock position that I cannot see.  How is the winding feel - that crown looks to be at an odd angle.  Has it been serviced that you are aware?
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09/03/2013 - 03:14
Probably from the early 1940's. You need to find the case S/N which is on the inside of the back of the case. The movement S/N will be on the movement itself. If you don't know how to remove the back, take to a watchmaker. Dean is right about the angle of the crown. This is the appropriate crown for this watch and it likely does not have a VC logo. However the angle indicates that the stem is bent. It will likely wind, but needs to be repaired. The crown looks like it may be rubbing against the case. This model may have some increased susceptibility to having the stem bent; its the second one I've seen this year. It's a lovely watch, congrats! JB
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I had the watch serviced early last year.  I have no idea if it had been service before it was found in the estate of my great aunt.  The watch band is very worn.  I hadn't noticed the stem being bent but I wound the watch a bit at a time and it is bent.  I haven't felt that at all when winding.  It doesn't look like it's  rubbing the case and I aslo don't see the SWISS at the 6 o'clock.   I will have to take in to have someone open up the back - standby. Thanks!
An outstanding watch!
09/03/2013 - 18:31
The inscription is also very charming smiley