"Vintage" question: 47101


today I found a Ref. 47101 at a watch store. "Vintage" question: 47101

The condition seems to be OK, what I could see with my eyes.

They have papers but no box.
Watch has never seen any services.

Asked for winding it and got the answer: "Probalbly you would also like to push the chrono buttons?!!!" "Vintage" question: 47101

I said: "Yes, of course. It is very important to me how the feeling is."

Answer: "No way!!!" "Vintage" question: 47101

I said: "What?! I can´t believe it. I would never ever buy a (vintage) chrono without testing."

I left the (well known in my country) shop and was speechless. "Vintage" question: 47101

My question: Would you buy a (vintage) watch/chrono without testing?


Was it WalMart?
01/20/2009 - 01:05
WalMart won't let you handle the electronics because they are afraid you might grab an IPod and run out the door.  Maybe this shop has the same fear?  Anyway, I wouldn't consider a 10-15 year old watch as "vintage" and it certainly is robust enough to stand having it's buttons pushed . Your instincts were right to leave because they might be hiding something.  I learned that lesson the hard way from buying a Porsche after only seeing it in a dark garage at night.  Boy was I surprised the next morning!  Hmmm...also reminds me of dating in earlier years, but that's another story . Even if the piece was OK, how could you trust their service after such treatment.  Patience is the watch collector's best friend.
"WalMart?" No, not all. It was at an established ...
01/20/2009 - 09:50
vintage and second-hand store. They did/do lots of (international) fairs and have their shop for more than 20 years. They call themselve "specialist store for collectores" Interesting  behaviour for such a shop ... My decision: Forget about the watch and shop! (Lucky me that I made this experience before I bought something from them) Regarding your "Porsche story", I did the same with a VW Golf years ago. I had an (so called) expert friend with me and got the same lesson as you Thanks for your response Oliver
Hi Oliver, this would be the epitome...
01/20/2009 - 01:21
of the old adage of buying the seller.  Hard to believe that the shop wouldn't let you test the watch.  Was the person, who was "serving" you, the shop owner or a more junior salesperson?  If the former, then the incident is unacceptable and if the latter, then maybe there is a little room for understanding. Anyway, to answer your question, "No!" Cheers, Duncan
Hi Duncan, "buying the seller" is still so true and ...
01/20/2009 - 09:37
you are correct it was not the shop owner, but a very experienced "older" salesperson. She had percieved my ALS L1 and from our conversation before she got an idea that I am not a completely beginner. Aware of considerings I asked her if she or I could wind the watch. ... Anyway, my decision is: Forget about the watch and the shop! Thanks for your response Oliver