Vintage Repeater Please help

Another story of  recased pocket watch. 

Just got it, bought as a minute repeater, however only repeats hours and quarters. 
Could it be that something is wrong or i have bought a quarter repeater ? 

Any info on the year of production ? Is this actually a real Vacheron ? 
The numbers underneath the gongs near the slider are 6053. 
Case is 49mm 60 lug to lug.

I was told this is all original, however most likely the hands are not .. Am i correct ? 

The dial looks great, no hairlines recesed seconds dial, but is it correct for the watch ? 

Also please point me in the direction of a good watchmaker in new york area capable of servicing vintage repeaters. 
The watch clearly needs basic cleaning and oiling, also it doesn't sound as loud and clear as I woul've liked. 

I doubt i should take it to my regular watchmaker .. 

Thanks for any info... 
Vintage Repeater Please help

Vintage Repeater Please help Vintage Repeater Please help Vintage Repeater Please help

Re: Vintage Repeater Sent back..
09/02/2009 - 23:46

I Thought about it for a while and made a decision to send it back to the seller. . Please don't bother with the research.  I am still curious, but the decision has been made... 

late for the reply but the watch seemed to be a quarter repeater as
09/07/2009 - 13:08
it did not chime the minutes. It was a good looking watch but one of the major issues with these recased pocket watches is the lack of shock protection on the escapement this making the movement more fragile.