Vintage Vacheron in Paris

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I've just joined the forum and I realy want to say what a terrific group of folks are here, I've enjoyed reading the posts.  I'm going to Paris at the end of April and would love to find a dealer with vintage Vacherons, does anyone have any suggestions they can pass along?

Additionally, I'll be visiting the Breguet museum and I'm wondering if Vacheron has a similar collection of historic time pieces and documentation.  Whatever anyone can tell me is terrific, thanks very much.  Have a terrific Sunday, I'm looking forward to hearing from someone soon. 

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Re: Vintage Vacheron in Paris
04/21/2013 - 07:16
Welcome to the Lounge! There are several in Paris, Chris. The only one I have visited and that was before their move to larger premises, still on rue Madame on the Left Bank, (number 28) is Antoine de Macedo. They have a website too with lots to see. A search will find them easily. They have a second store which I believe is for new watches. It's an interesting area in which to stroll. Start from the Sevres-Babylone metro station and walk south on Blvd Raspail to rue de Vaugirard. Lots of nice shops on all the streets (rue de Rennes, rue du Cherche-Midi etc. But before you do you may want to visit the Le Bon Marché department store and their amazing food court (a separate building on the west side of the main store). Anyway, continue south to rue de Vaugirard, turn left and continue. Rue Madame is the 3rd intersection and I believe the new premises is on the corner of rue Madame and rue de Mezieres (2 blocks to the north). And after you're finished there, go back and proceed a little further along rue de Vaugirard to the Musé de Luxembourg and the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens. There's tons to see in the area I haven't even touched on, but sometimes it's pleasant to wander around and be surprised. As for other shops, I'll leave that to the parisiens et parisiennes to comment upon since they no doubt have much more experience with them. Best of luck. You'll have a great time. (learn a few French phrases, learn to roll your "r"'s and always say "bonjour monsieur/madame" when you enter a shop . You will be treated much better. :-) Joseph
A great guide Joseph
04/21/2013 - 19:14
It would be so cool to have similar insider's guides to vintage watch shops for other major cities.  I will definately bookmark this info for a future trip to the City of Lights enlightened
Re: Re: Vintage Vacheron in Paris
04/22/2013 - 06:32
Joseph thank you very much for your watch-viewing tour directions, I sincerely appreciate it and will most definitely follow the route.  I'll report back soon.  Until then, thank you again. Yours, Chris
Another option
04/21/2013 - 12:07
Hi, Another option is to visit the new Vacheron Constantin boutique. They have a small selection of vintage VC watches, perfectly serviced and in a very nicely retored state (they looked like new old stock to me). Delivered with certificates and everything. They must have around 10 of them in Paris. I was there on Monday and tried a marvelous yellow gold 4178, but they sold it on Tuesday. Of course prices are probably higher than at vintage shops, but you clearly know what you get. You can have a look at some such available pieces on the Hour Club. Best Dje
Re: Another option
04/22/2013 - 06:35
Hi Dje, Your suggestion of the Vacheron boutique is a great one, my Dad and I were in New York a couple of weeks ago and they too have a selection of vintage Dad picked up a yellow gold time-only piece from 1957 that turned heads the entire time we were there.  I'll make it a point to stop by the Paris shop, excellent suggestion.  I'll report back, my best until then. Yours, Chris
Re: Vintage Vacheron in Paris
04/22/2013 - 02:51
2 rue de la Paix ;) or Antoine de Macedo on rue Madame for vintages.
Re: Re: Vintage Vacheron in Paris
04/22/2013 - 06:36
KL, Good hearing from you, you're the second person to mention Antoine so I'll positively make the trip, thank you very much for your thoughts...I'll swing by your other suggestion too.  Take good care. Yours, Chris
Not much to add other than welcome to the Lounge:-)
04/22/2013 - 11:19