Vintage Vacheron triple calendar

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Hope you're enjoying a nice evening.  I posted a similar question on the Timezone Jaeger forum and I'm hoping for your thoughts as well.  

I'm interested in a '40s or '50s triple date from either Jaeger or Vacheron.  The issue I'm having at present is that during this period of time Jaeger was supplying movements to Vacheron, so there's a very good chance that the two brands share the same calibers for their respective triple calendars.     The pieces I'm most attracted to have very similar aesthetics including sub seconds, applied indexes, (some dials have Arabic numerals) teardrop lugs, etc.   If the metals are the same, what would account for the differences in price?  Are there fewer of one than the other?  If it is essentially the same watch and movement with a different name on the dial, is there rationale with the market?     Of course all that said, if I'm wrong then I'm most interested in the right information and would really enjoy the community's thoughts.  Whatever you can tell me is terrific, I'm looking forward to hearing from you all.  Take good care.   Yours,   Chris P.S.  If anyone has information on the years these triple calendars were produced I'd be grateful, a la 1940s, '50s, ('60s?).
the raw parts may be the same but what each brand does to it is a
09/24/2013 - 12:31
different story, here's an example with cal 478 from JLC and cal 1008 from VC. The VC finish is on a whole different level. However, as you are contemplating a vintage piece the price has no longer anything to do with the intrinsic values but rather what the market considers the watch and brand to be worth scans courtesy of SteveG
Re: the raw parts may be the same but what each brand does to it is a
09/25/2013 - 07:46
Good hearing from you Alex, thanks very much for taking the time to write.  I've been looking at movement photos and you're right, the finish on the VC is higher quality than the JLC, and the variety of lug designs also seems deeper on the VC side. The question I have now is about overhauling a vintage piece.  I understand that the NY and I believe the Paris boutiques both have vintage pieces they offer along side their contemporary lines.  In looking at the latest batch there is (or was if someone purchased it) a triple calendar that is in as new condition and I believe I read that it has been completely overhauled at Vacheron. Do you know if this means, case, dial, hands and movement?  If the aesthetics have been restored or overhauled would that not lessen the value of the piece?  I realize movements cannot always stay original due to parts wearing down or breaking but if part of the allure of a vintage piece is the patina, wouldn't a cosmetic refurbishment defeat the purpose?  This particular piece in question commanded a price into the 20s, which is not necessarily outside the auction prices sometimes realized but most of those coming from the big auction houses are original. If you have thoughts on this I would be most appreciative.   Finally, the ref 92232 is a later model from the '80s, yes?  I'm leary of the Investcorp years, am I not better off then with an earlier vintage piece? Whatever you or the forum can add is really wonderful, thank you very much.  Take good care, I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts.   Yours, Chris
certain VC boutiques sell vintage watches which have been
09/25/2013 - 11:01
fully restored but this on the contrary increases value, its only when the dial has been touched or the case over polished that it has an adverse effect on value. As for modern or vintage it is a matter of taste....