Visit at La Maison Vacheron Constantin

I was recently close to Geneva and I took the opportunity to visit La Maison (appointment made before), i.e. to have a look at their vintage pieces (new service as described by Alex in a former post), and also to make a tour of their temporary exposition (the actual one is till October this year).

I was very well received by the VC people, and a very kind lady made me discover some very old pocket watches, together with a great choice of keys, in different metals and enamel, from different periods... I watched also some old tools, all very interesting.

And at the end of the tour, she offered me a book (in my language) summarizing the visit with nice pics and stories about keys and time ("La clé du temps").

Afterwards, somebody else presented me different vintage watches for sale (pocket and wrist) in wonderful conditions; I must say that I have to think more deeply about some...

Well, you are welcome as a special guest, and this is very pleasant (from time to time)!, and you see some exceptionnal pieces.

Thanks again to these sympathic people.

Cheers, Patrice

Thanks for sharing your experience Patrice, its true that the folks at
06/23/2007 - 16:29

the Maison are really nice and actually go out of their way to please you. I also find it excellent to be able to have a private presentation of the exhibition pieces, it brings more life to what you see.

yes it seems that the welcome at the Maison is top notch! (nt)
06/23/2007 - 18:22