A visit to the London Boutique

This is just a short note of praise for the London Boutique which I visited earlier this month.
I was originally supposed to visit with some of the London area Loungers but fate prevailed and it was not to be.
Nevertheless I did want to visit this new addition to the Vacheron Boutiques and off I went with my daughter Margot.
We were taken in hand by the lovely Celine Larose who was very gracious and helpful. She introduced us to the staff and sat down with us to discuss the Boutique and Vacheron, and introduce my daughter to the world of haute horologie.
Celine was most knowledgeable and discussed some of the newer piece, showed us some of the vintage watches that the Boutique was now offering and let Margot try on the new Kalla watch/bracelet with the new “flame-cut” diamonds. Now I know there are many photos of this watch available, but to see the real thing was quite a revelation. Margot put it best when she said afterwards that the diamonds seemed to shine with a light of their own. It certainly was the highlight of the visit for her!
She also had a chance to meet with the Boutiques watchmaker and learn a bit how the timepieces are serviced.
All in all it was a great visit and the staff could not have been nicer.
A huge “MERCI a tout le monde”… to Celine Larose and the Boutique staff for such a memorable visit.
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Great idea to
12/31/2013 - 16:26
teach your daughter with VC teams. Margot like all women may have other point of view on watches. Horology and mecanism are another aspect of watches. She has chance to go deeper in your passion and your wonderful collection. Many discussions and teaching courses will go ahead in 2014 ;-)) I wish you enjoyable days in family. Happy new year Joseph. Liger
Many thanks for your kind words
01/01/2014 - 02:10
All the best to you in the New Year! Joseph