Vote !

What do you need most?

A chronograph, for making spagetti or..

Racing we talking of 1000 parts of seconds.

Never possible for a mechanical watch.

OK, OK I love the sight of them, the nostalgia etc

But honestly, I got some, how often do I use them.

I ALWAYS seems to forget it when parking, for instance Vote !

And you got it all over, in your cell phone, calculator and on the computer etc etc

and not at least at the TV screen, when it's a competition...........

But in our time when the world has shrinked,

and you got friends all over the globe,

I, personally, prefer a world timer.

Now I'm going to call Singapore, since I see I can do it,

on this forbidden watch, see below Vote !

But the GP ww tc is far to BIG,

and that's why I'm asking my dear VC,

to produce a small practical and of course beautiful,

wearable under a normal cuff,

world time watch Vote !

Give me your thoughts


sorry Doc but I'm a HUGE chronograph fan because I spend more time
11/16/2007 - 15:41

cooking than on the phone

As my wife says "If you want to have better start making it"

You are out of this competition :-) (nt )
11/16/2007 - 17:13


chronograph. i need one world time but many chronographs.....
11/17/2007 - 03:20

cos i am more of a weekend person, and strapping the chrono on makes me feel more " saturday or sunday" when i will time my wife while she shops her cosmetics while i window-shop my watches. i wouldn't mind one world time if it is a cottier re-edition.  i once considered the VC evasion model, but feel that the X-factor is missing, so it'll be great that VC can make a convenient world timer with a click to change the zone. that'll be fun to play with also over the weekend.

Sorry Doc, it's a chrono for me too...
11/17/2007 - 14:45

A world time function might be more useful to me than a chrono, but I just adore the look of a chrono: the two pushers, the extra two sub-dials... the world timer IMO cannot compete on the aesthetics...

... and I am a little bit ashamed to say it, but I am a real sucker for the aesthetics of the watch!