Vote your three most wanted VCs here!

1. my most desired Vacheron Constantin ever "1972 Diplôme du Prestige de la France" - so scarce it hurts. I've been on the hunt for quite a while and no luck. I guess it is the only thing in the world older than me that I desireVote your three most wanted VCs here! One day will come...

Vote your three most wanted VCs here!

2. Quai de l'Ile - this day will come soon Vote your three most wanted VCs here!

Vote your three most wanted VCs here!

3. and a totally off the wall wish (rather a wishful thinking): Saint Gervais only 55 made for the 250th VC anniversary - this day will probably never arrive...Vote your three most wanted VCs here!

Vote your three most wanted VCs here!
Vote your three most wanted VCs here!

Cast in your votes dear fellow Loungers!
QDI (simple date) HL version! (nt)
09/25/2008 - 16:34
+1, I'm with you on QdI HL version - I am really counting on it ;-) nt
09/25/2008 - 22:46
Dear Moderator, any realistic news?
09/26/2008 - 11:05
Here are my three most wanted VC's
09/25/2008 - 17:56
Hommage aux Grands Explorateurs - Magellan 1929 Jump hour Pocket Watch "World Time" Ref: 6213 JB
My 2 most wanted VCs
09/25/2008 - 18:45
1. Patrimony skeleton perpetual calendar...let's just make this a dream. 2. Overseas chrono Japan LE: blue dial.
there's one of your 3 I'm not a fan of but between the QDI and
09/25/2008 - 19:37

the Saint Gervais its a really tough decision. The QDI is now number 1 on my want list and as soon as it hits the stores I will try to order one (day/date in titanium and RG with dark dial)...the simple date model would also be one I would like to get as soon as personalisation is possible. However since this is a dream world I would go for the St Gervais because I could never afford one and even if I could I doubt they pop up at the corner of every street . Furthermore my choice of the Saint Gervais is even more pronounced as it is an anniversary piece marking a milestone no other brand has yet reached. 

oops I thought I had to choose from your list. My choices would be...
09/25/2008 - 19:47
The Masks (China) Ref 6087 chrono from the 50s Sputnik I do have runner ups Malte Tourbillon black nickel And what about this phenomenal repeater from the 50s?
Not an easy choice, of course...
09/25/2008 - 23:34
but with the help of some images taken from older watch auction catalogues which I have collected, I will narrow the field down by choosing examples which I am very unlikely to ever acquire! First, a black dial version of the one which Radek lusts after. This one had an estimate of $3,000–3,5000 at Sotheby's in 1991! Next, a lovely, and obviously quite rare platinum "rectangular" watch, with a hinged case, and "the back border finely engraved with scrolls", circa 1935. Estimate in 1996? $4,000–5,000! And finally, this spectacular "slim, gold, open-faced jump hour watch with cylinder escapement", including an engine turned dial and case, from 1825. Estimate in 2002? CHF 6,000–8,000!
Great version of 1972, Tony! You have just unveiled...
09/26/2008 - 11:54
a Dr. Jeckyll's face
Re: Vote your three most wanted VCs here!
09/25/2008 - 23:49
-This very pure and equilibrate design Small movements inside but nice. -for the second one I don't know what to choose, Quai de l'Ile Titan Palladium simple date... or Minute repeater extra flat which is a marvel... let's say the minute repeater, which is very "discrete" but with personnality and a magnificent complication with the difficulty to make it extra flat. A pure marvel. Credit: a certain Alex present on the purists... don't know him, must be a boring guy -and last but not least, I must thank Quentin Lernould, a gifted young designer, to have made the render of my design in gold!!! I become mad when I aw it first, I was so happy even if it is virtual. Full Details are not displayed but it gives a good first Idea.
A very interesting and tough question...
09/26/2008 - 02:19
As VC has not made a sonnerie (at least to my knowledge) I would probably need to consider one of their repeaters, though one that is simple and without other complications (ie tourbillon, perpetual calendar, etc.) As an aside Radek, two of your three dream pieces were at one locale last night in Singapore.  You'll hear more about this gathering in the days to come. Cheers, Duncan
I saw Dr. Thomas Mao's VC repeater the other day in person
09/26/2008 - 10:06
as he showed it & his other precious collections. It was a vintage (possibly 1950's) , very clean dial with no other complication. Truly a Purists' watch! Beautiful indeed...
As Kazumi once said: "you were probably a pole dancer in a past
09/26/2008 - 10:55
life" you really know how to tease
Maybe in a past life because now...
09/27/2008 - 08:14
it is more a case of disgust as opposed to tease.  Patience my friend... Cheers, Duncan
Re: Vote your three most wanted VCs here!
09/26/2008 - 02:46
Hi Radek, I would go for: 1. Tribute to Great Explorers (Magellan or Colombus, maybe even Zeng He) 2. Sputnik (Soooooo Cooool!) 3. Traditionelle Skeleton Perpetual in RG On a more "realistic" side, the Malte Chrono EP (or at RG) and Contemporaine EP are also tops on my list. Cheers! Kazumi
Re: Vote your three most wanted VCs here!
09/26/2008 - 10:41

well first one for me Patrimony Contemporaine retrograde day and date i think that soon will be mine!! second choice Patrimony Traditionnelle openworked perpetual calendar  imo one of the most beatiful ever made maybe one day who ever knows third one  words are not enough for this beuty i think that only in my sleeping dreams will be the owner of this