W3 Silver Award & some thoughts

Congratulations on the W3 Silver Award.

Please let me express some thoughts about its website. As an aficionado of watches and a fan of the Vacheron Constantin, it would be more than welcome to see some factory tour movies/photos or the skilled craftsmen’s works including polishing parts or assembling watches, in order for the greater admiration of the brand’s watch making.

It is true that a watch itself tells its quality, and the firm has already established this discussion forum in order to enhance the communications between the public and the brand. But there’s only a few clue of how each parts are finished or assembled by craftsmen, with some exceptions of articles in some Internet watch forums or magazines. So for deeper application of its fine finish, especially the manufacturer aims to increase the percentage of in-house movements in the future, opening its matchmaking to the public could be an option.

the suggestion is excellent and something which we are currently
04/24/2007 - 18:52

working on.

The Hour Lounge is relatively new, only 3 weeks old, and its growth has surpassed our highest hopes so what we were thinking of taking our time to do will certainly be speeded up!

There will be many in detail articles comming up and something on finish (may it be photography or video) is in the pipeline.

Thank you for your suggestions