watch hands

 I read a post in thl, said  alpha hands only used in chronometre royal .

yesterday  i saw  some pictures.  

the  ref.6340  didnot use alpha hands. this one likes very good. it has origional strap,buckle,box,and paper. 

i donnot know why it didnot use the alpha hands?    the paper  couldnot  be fake.

the left one with calibre 453 ,use alpha hands .


These two watches  are  exceptions.?    i want it.


Re: watch hands
06/17/2016 - 04:52

My best guess, and most innocent, is that the hands of these two watches got switched.

If you want one or both of these watches, I suggest you tell the seller/owner to switch the hands - so that the alpha hands are on the Ref. 6340 Chronometre Royale and that the slim, straight hands go on the watch with the cal. 453 movement.

The 2 watches the way they are now are not exceptions, they are incorrect.

Re: Re: watch hands
06/20/2016 - 05:36

you suggest me tell the seller/owner to switch the hands.

He told me that the hands of the two watches were removed.    

He said with a magnifying glass observation, the hands did not find a trace.   

and the hands cannot be switched.  

Their length is not exactly the same.Shaft hole size is not exactly the same.

i donot know why the owner switched the hands.   This result is really a pity.   

maybe the alpha hands is rare  .


Personally, I would avoid this seller :-(
06/20/2016 - 07:06

You never know what else he/she may do.

Alpha hands
06/17/2016 - 22:54

Well hello again, you certainly are enthusiastic smiley.  I hope at some point you will cease to be 中学生 "the student" and contribute to our scholarship as the teacher; in particular you may be interested in reporting on V&C in the Chinese market, which I understand goes well back into the 19th century.

Meanwhile, I sympathize with the challenge of researching V&C as a non-native speaker.  I have the same difficulties with early records and correspondence in French.  It is an accurate statement that alpha hands were reserved for the Chronometre Royal models, but that does not mean that all Chronometre Royal watches had alpha hands.  

My observation is that the early manual-winding wrist watch CR models did exclusively have alpha hands, however they were abandoned with the first automatic CRs.  Alpha hands came back with the 47022 Chronometre Royal automatic of the Patrimony collection.  But they were absent again in the 1907 CR Historiques (understandable with a design that referenced the subscription pocket watches).

In brief, I think Dan is right on; the non-CR watch has incorrect alpha hands, while the manual ref 6340 CR incorrectly does not.

Alpha hands

Thanks Dean, and going a little off-topic
06/18/2016 - 01:27

Well, first thanks for reminding others that when we talk about Alpha hands on a CR, we are really talking about the first wristwatch versions that used cal 1007/BS and 1008/BS.  There are plenty of examples of CRs that use automatic movements that do not use alpha hands.

Going off-topic,  I really wish the CR prodcution quantities in the magazine you posted were accurate!  It would have given us a great baseline.  The article states there was a series of auto-movement CRs from 1953-1958 that used cal. 1019 & 1019/2, 632 pieces.  Watchtime repeated this information in their VC Special Edition magazine special a few years ago (I'm pretty sure the information was just taken from the Klassik Uhren article and not independently researched).  I had asked Alex about this in a post a long time ago and VC confirmed the information about an auto-winding CR in the 1950s was incorrect!

So if that information was wrong, I can't rely on the other production figures in this old CR article either.  And we all know ahow VC is when it comes to providing detailed production info.  :-(

Good point on research, Dan
06/18/2016 - 18:08

I haven't found a single source that was infallible, including official ones wink.  However, the ability to rediscover the brand's history and innovation is what makes vintage V&C fun IMO.  Also frustrating at times.

Thanks Dean, this goes to a post I made in the thread above this one
06/19/2016 - 03:01

There are no absolute rules, policies, or guidelines that can always be said to be 100% true, with no exceptions.  This goes for sources as well.

It's a good basic understand that all "students" need to know. 

Just FYI for everybody, when we call/refer the Lounger using the username "中学生" as "student" is not meant to be derogatory or insulting.  The 3 words in Chinese literally translate to "Midde School Student".

BR, Dan

Re: Thanks Dean, this goes to a post I made in the thread above this one
06/20/2016 - 05:22

thank you Dan. I think my level is like a middle school student. A smattering of knowledge, analysis of the problem is not comprehensive enough.

So my name is 中学生  。

Re: Alpha hands
06/18/2016 - 02:00

thanks for your understanding and support.