watch ID...continued w/pics

Hopefully, these grainey pics give you an idea of my VC.  Model/Style info is welcome (I'm thinking it's between 1935 -1945).  Once I get the backplate will be a no brainer.  Well...I thought it would be easy to attach the pics, but my latin is woefully lacking.  How does one post pics to the forum?.......... bandit

see my reply below as how to post scans (nt)
04/18/2008 - 12:24


The "Lurker" replies?
04/25/2008 - 04:40

1937 VC ?

Dear Alex,

I believe I cracked the lock on how to post images on HL.  Hopefully, this pic gets through.  

After reviewing my posts to HL, I believe I may be the "Lurker" you describe.  I humbly apologize to you, first of all; and then - all of the Forums membership, for my lack of civility.  I assure you it was not intended.  

My intention was to put my VC on display and tout its beauty to me.... and in a vane way seek to learn more about it.  I now know that HL is not a forum to seek such information.  

As the moderator for the "Official VC HL Forum", you have developed a decorum for the site.  I've learned by my faux-pas that the easiest way to learn of your "die-hard" members is to p*ss the "Don" off!  Once you indicated your vexation over my inquiry.... "the jig" was up  

Member response was pendantic.  I have yet to go to "Radek's" site to learn of the Nine Treasures; "JohnLy" (VC); or to "DOC" (not only an afficionado of VC but also a most credible VC horologe sayer).  

"Knowledge is Power"  is a saying.... and HL seems to live by this mantra.  I have some gleaned some worthwhile information from your members' exchanges.  Don Ghotbi, you are a superb gate keeper of the VC covenant.   

As a plebian, I humbly ask you, Alex (and the HL Forum), where to go to find the history of my VC? As you can see from my

posted image, I do not have the equipment to produce an image suitable for posting.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder....  and none of the timepieces viewed on HL match my VC.  Perhaps it's a knock-off: as some of the HL members seem quick to insinuate in response to your Christie's post (I would think Christie's require certs of authenticity from VC, prior to declaring an item).  I may well have one of the few 1937 VCs.  DOC's affinity to his dad's affinity to the Maltese Cross on his inherited cuff-links is akin to the Heidleberg fencing facial scar... perhaps, DOC has one?.  

Anyhow, I appologise for my break in site decorum and thank you Alex for your response to my inquiries regarding my VC.  I will do my "due-dilligence" research elsewhere.  I thought going to VC's authorised forum was the place to go to learn about my VC.  It is not the case.  Alex, VC believes in your ability to administer their site in accordance with their expectations... and you do not disappoint.  

Thanking you in advance for the courtesy of a reply,


bandit... (me thinks the "Lurker")