Watches and Wonders 2015: Maitre Cabinotier Perpetual Calendar Regulateur

From the press release With the one-of-a-kind Maître Cabinotier Perpetual Calendar Regulator, Vacheron Constantin showcases its expertise in creating original and exclusive calibers providing a highly specific time read-off. This exceptional timepiece is distinguished by its regulator-type display, inspired by the precision clocks used to adjust watches from the 17th century onwards. Along with this dissociated display of the hours and minutes, the 2460 RQP movement specially designed for this model also drives a major horological complication: the perpetual calendar. An elegant hand-guilloché dial accentuates the exclusive nature of this watch certified by the Hallmark of Geneva, crafted in keeping with the spirit of the 18th century Geneva cabinotiers. Maitre Cabinotier Perpetual Calendar Regulateur Maitre Cabinotier Perpetual Calendar Regulateur
I love this combination of complications
09/29/2015 - 15:30

I think this is beautiful and remarkable.  Another bold design.  I don't even mind the mix of red gold/brown. That wonderful pattern on the dial is also very stunning.   Love it.

This is pure awesome. Amazing way the QP is merged with the Regulator
09/29/2015 - 16:31

layout and Moonphase. And lovely colour combination. 

My only issue here: Why is this a one-off? This would be such an awesome piece to add to the regular collection. After all, even VC's biggest competitor has more than one type of QP on its catalogue, why not VC?

This is superb. This RG / Brown dial combo should be tried on the Traditionelle and maybe Patrimony pieces. Maybe it will work on the Traditionelle.

So beautiful and poetic
09/30/2015 - 00:52

The colors, the design, even the concave bezel with the case works perfectly.

A great QP.