Watches and Wonders 2015: Traditionnelle World Time

Fromt he press release


Vacheron Constantin is launching this year two new models of the Traditionnelle World Time in either 18K white or 18K 5N pink gold sublimated by a gold map in the center of their dial. In the heart of the case, beat the Calibre 2460 WT, developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. This patented mechanical self-winding movement is distinguished by its capacity to indicate 37 world’s time zones, including those offset from Universal Coordinated Time (UCT) by a half - or quarter-hour. Traditionnelle WorldTime Traditionnelle WorldTime Traditionnelle WorldTime

Saw this yesterday at THC
09/29/2015 - 15:24

Oh my goodness.  I absolutely LOVE the (no surprise) white gold version.  This is completely my aesthetic.  I cannot wait to see this in the metal.  Thanks for sharing Alex.

Yup. I am in love with the Rose Gold. It makes it so ALIVE. I love this
09/29/2015 - 16:28

aesthetic. I cannot wait to see this.

First Montblanc...
09/30/2015 - 21:46

then JLC

First Montblanc...

I really thought this was going to be another climbing pun post...
10/01/2015 - 10:36

and the inside was going to say "Then K2" or something like that.  I wish it were.  I get it, but I do think Richemont should be careful with just how much sharing they should allow.  I understand that there are a finite number of design possibilities to render certain things, but sometimes you can just feel the similarity.  I am sure having a great looking world-timer at different price points with different manufacturing processes and levels of finishing (in case, dial, and movement) makes a lot of sense from a corporate portfolio perspective.  I am not sure it has the desired effect on the collectors' portfolios though.  I certainly don't speak for all collectors, but it concerns me.

One can't help but suspect a corporate strategy
10/01/2015 - 23:49

Not just the dials are borrowed, but also the case shape!  Montblanc offered a look-alike in the lower price spectrum, and I assume JLC will fit in the middle.  Let's see if this is repeated with another model.

Yes, definitely.
10/02/2015 - 17:04

And I think some of the Master Ultra Thins are starting to resemble the Patrimony and Traditionelle lines quite a bit too.  Just need the MB to come up with something even further down the price scale to reveal whether this is a true strategy across the lineup.  Let's hope not.

VC seens to really be hitting on all cylinders, as we say, from a design and build perspective right now.  I would like to see them retain some of their own glory.  Unless, and this is always a possibility, there is a actually a commingled design staff and these are not VC designs, but rather Richemont designs that are then "interpreted" with brand ideals reflected in each individual line.  That would be a worst-case scenarion and I, frankly, doubt it.  That would be a very mass-market way of thinking and I really do not believe they have gone that far.  

Re: First Montblanc...
10/04/2015 - 04:57

Yes, I saw this earlier in the week.

It's interesting that they chose St. Barth over St. John's (Canada).

How we've fallen
10/04/2015 - 18:23

since the 1930s when three Canadian locations would generally appear on world timers; Klondike, Vancouver and Montreal (add Halifax on V&C's ref 3741 desk clock) crying.  Hope you've been enjoying a great summer, Joseph smiley