Waterproof warranty

I have experienced a problem with my Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Power Reserve watch (Ref. # 47200). It has stopped.

I was at a conference in Thailand and on the second there appeared some condensation inside the waterproof watch. In the evening it disappeared. The same thing happened on the next day with one difference: when the humidity disappeared, the watch stopped. It was almost fully wound but it did not work. I immediately inquired on the VC website, asking for an advice. The only response I got was the e-mail asking me to validate my request. After validation I got the message that someone will contact me asap.

Not getting any support as promissed, I wrote again, asking for technical service. Exactly same thing happened: validation, promiss to be contacted immediately, and no contact. By the time I arrived in Geneva and show my watch at the VC Boutique, it turned out that there was absolutely no record of my VC website inquiries. So, the first question: is this websupport for real or it's just a fiction?

But the main question I have is why do I have to pay for the repair of the waterproof watch which was never submerged in water, which has never come into contact with water and stopped after traveling to a country with humid weather? There was nothing in the watche's documentation that said "not to be worn in Thailand". There has been absolutely no faulty treatment on my side and the watch which was supposed to be waterproof, simply stopped because "the watch took water and some parts of the movement were oxidized"! This should not happen in any way. And if for some reason this has happened, the problem HAS to be corrected and fixed by VC quickly and for NO charge to the client.

Has anyone experienced this kind of problems? Please share what solutions have you found.

Thank you

Waterproof warranty

hi and welcome to the Lounge and sorry to hear about your issues however
06/05/2014 - 13:28

as you are probably aware a watch needs to be serviced at about 3-5 year intervals, one reason for doing so is to check the water resistance of the case. I think that your watch was unfortunately no longer water resistant and I think the oxydation process must have started before your trip as it takes some time for this to happen.

But I'm also eager to hear experience from others as I have experienced this only once (with another brand)

As for the call center issues that's unfortunate, I have forwarded your notice to the people in charge...

I've heard of this happening once in Shanghai
06/06/2014 - 07:50

but I haven't experienced it myself yet,  and I hope I never do!