What are all time classic top 5 Vacheron Constantin Watches?

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Kindly mention top 5 all time classic Vacheron Constantin Watches.

Extremely difficult considering the brand has a 254 year history to
12/07/2009 - 17:24

choose just 5 but here's my choice of iconic VCs and in no particular order:1) Tour de l'Ile VC's most complicated watch and a fantastic mix of 250 years of know how and history. For me VC put everything in this watch design wise and after started going really into more avant garde designs2) Ref 4178 Chronograph

Inspiration of the iconic Chronograph Historique, over 60 years old and still looking as good

3) Skeleton Minute Repeater I'm not a huge fan of skeleton watches but this watch was launched in the mid 90s and was not only the relaunch of complications at VC but also a milestone in terms of skeletonisation: an art for which VC is considered to be king!4) MercatorMay look classical today but back in 1994 whan it was launched the Mercator was a horological UFO: engraved or enamel dial with a double retrograde indicator for time telling 5) CioccolatoneMade in the 50s with manual wind and automatic both with time only, time only with date and triple calendar this watch was HUGE for its time with a very particuler square curvex case. I could have put in 10 more (and for different reasons) but you did say 5

Lovely time-only Cioccolatone, Alex. Would you know if it is
12/08/2009 - 05:57
Hi Alex, I just love the two-tone time-only Cioccolatone you just posted.  Just out of curiosity, would you know it the time only models were slimmer than their triple-date siblings.  Or do they have the same proportions aside from having the same case design. One of my pet-peeves regarding my Toledo is the heft.  I find it a little too heavy (and the date setting could be improved), but I must say that it is one of the most delicious form cases around! Cheers! Kazumi
A Few More Nominees
12/07/2009 - 17:49
Hey Alex, great choices!  I'd like to nominate this slate for election to the list of V&C classics: 1. Minute Repeater wristwatch.  My preference would be the "plain" min rep, for its heartbreakingly beautiful simplicity of form hiding the magical function within. 2. Extra-flat, with calibre 1003.  Actually VC's new re-edition would make my list.  But really anything with this iconic calibre belongs under the description of classic Vacheron. 3. Chronometre Royal.  In this case I would suggest anything from this noble family; pocket watch, manual-wind or automatic wristwatch.  Except the Phidias.... 4. Guilloche dial.  As representative of classic V&C, I'd nominate any of the stunning guilloche dials produced during the 50's and 60's with the hand-turned rose engine. 5. Masques.  I'll admit that these are my ultimate, favorite, schwing-generating (Austin Powers reference ) timepieces and instant classics.  If I sold the house I could buy a set! Honorable mentions to the 222, Explorer series, and Mercator, and....
Re: What are all time classic top 5 Vacheron Constantin Watches?
12/10/2009 - 19:32
1-Tear Drop minute repeater That's the first one who comes to my mind. Ultra thin minute repeater with these fatastic lugs very sensual contrary to the chronograph which are more sharp. Maybe the most classy watch ever. [img]http://www.thehourlounge.com/upload/post/104(1).jpg[/img] crédit to Mr Boutros on timezone The greatest marvel of Vacheron Constantin. 2-1972 Prestige de la France Bold, pure design, elegant, the definition of the brand imho. [img]http://experthorloger.com/image/photo2/1291.jpg[/img] crédit: Romain Rea 3-Cioccolatone The Carre Cambre, like the 1972, and the one you show Alex is absolutely stunning. [img]http://www.thehourlounge.com/upload/post/262(1).jpg[/img] -- These ones were obvious, now come the difficult part 2 places and so many marvels In the classic of yesterday a cushion monopusher should fit, but which reference?  I HAVE TO put a Chronomètre Royal, and same thing but which one???, Crab Lugs? The "1955", a more recent? I just can't choose between the different versions. In the classics of tomorrow, I think Quai de l'île will be definitely one, and in the malte collection the Chronograph perpetual calendar and his incredible moon is one another. Because there is not only vintage, I choose the two recent which make Vacheron history imho: 4- Quai de l'île The Day Date is the most incredible version even with a big problem of legibility, and Palladium is just great on this piece. A UFO, a classic for tomorrow. [img]http://www.izipik.com/images/200911/15/hrvjudgn7peth1354v-qdi2.jpg[/img] cédit: one of the happiest horological moment of my life. 5-Malte Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Excellence Platinum 47212 [img]http://www.thehourlounge.com/upload/post/vcqpcomp.jpg[/img] Mr Veillotron I think you have an incredible watch here, one of the best watch Vacheron Constantin ever produced. The Malte Lugs are special, hated or loved, they are part of Vacheron history. The sculpted moon is WOW and is now part of Vacheron Constantin history. The excellence platine version add a pleasant dial, a different personnality and a better overall balance. I had to dismiss the Chronomètre Royal, cushion monopusher. Sorry for them. Best Regards Fraançois