what brand do you want to see Richemont buy now that they have cash...

from selling their tobacco business?

I personally would love to see Journe join VC in the Richemont empire.

interesting question but tough one. I would guess
08/11/2008 - 17:32

that Richemont would probably go less for a brand per se but rather one with manufacturing capabilities. Journe is a possibility but I really can't see him cashing out..just yet. GP was a possibility but they have agreements with PPR.

At the time of the acquisition of LMH by Richemont (Lange, JLC and IWC) AP sold its 40% stake to Richemont and in return Richemont recieved a right of 1st offer in the event AP's shareholders would sell but supposedly this agreement has been terminated and I really can't see AP's shareholders selling now.

Tough question since few real manufactures are left...unless the cash will be used to strengthen the company's position in fashion since rumors of acquisitions of Cavali and Alaia were heard but I kind of doubt it. 

Wondering what others think...

and the (surprising) answer....
08/11/2008 - 17:53

Richemont announced today that they have acquired 60% of the Roger Dubuis brand (last year the production facilities had been bought)

to read the offical release click here to see the post

1st of others to come?

Sometimes, business sounds weird (nt)
08/11/2008 - 19:44


Re: and the (surprising) answer....
08/11/2008 - 23:29

Well, that's one company that can use improved quality control and maybe some help from Vincent Kaufmann!



A follow up to their 1st step...
08/12/2008 - 05:18

to acquire majority of RD (happened already? 60%...) So nice when you have lots of money!

Not much more to add to the Don's analysis but..
08/12/2008 - 02:37

Personally, I think FP Journe is where it is today because of what it is - an independent with "the man" himself still pretty much in a hands on situation both technically and otherwise.  I think any brand that gets bought out by the Richemont group stands to benefit from Richemont's pool of resources. 

However, I fear that a brand like FP Journe might lose some of its original appeal if FP Journe himself sells out.  At least, he needs to stay at the head of the technical and design team for the brand to work.  I am not sure if people will still buy a Journe watch if the man himself is no longer with the company and all you have a corporate design team taking over "in the spirit" of FPJ.  There is so much of FPJ (the man) inside his watches as compared to Hublot and Mr. Biver for example, the latter being more of a marketing genius than a watchmaker.

Just my two cents.


Re: Not much more to add to the Don's analysis but..
08/15/2008 - 01:07
Absolutely, positively agree. IMHO Journe is what it is because of "the man". Just my 2cs, Miki