What a bummer!

An evening of fine watchmaking and gourmet dining has been scheduled on June, 16 by Vacheron Constantin and our one and only VC retailer for the very first time here in Warsaw. A presentation of Vacheron Constantin history, values as well as the offer range and novelties will be held by Sebastien Knop - the VC Marketing Director for Northern Europe (hope I got this right) and guess what... I am not going to be thereWhat a bummer! What a dismay! 

I can't take part in this event since we leave on a two-week vacation on that very day... I have mixed feelings - don't know whether to be happy or sad about it. Well, next time in ten years, I guess...
That's a terrible pity!
06/04/2009 - 14:29
I was very lucky to catch the NY VC dinner in May, which was also the first one in North America, during one of my 3 trips back home per year. Radek, what if you come to China when VC holds an event in this part of the world?  I'd be glad to show you around, eat, drink and be merry!   This is an open invite to all other Loungers as well! Best Regards, Dan P.S., I hope you have a great vacation
China sounds good to me, Dan!
06/06/2009 - 11:28

I should find a reason to get there. Maybe I should start some business relations with Chinese manufactureres (I will surely skip watch counterfeiters) since my last business sale here in Poland turned out a total flop and I took a hard slap because of fraud...

Re: That's a terrible pity!
06/11/2009 - 01:50
I will be delighted to accept such invitation I might visit Pekin in mid-October! Would be great to meet another Lounger
You can not postpone for 1 day? (nt)
06/04/2009 - 14:55
agree with Lin. BTW Sebastian Knop is the head of VC Northern Europe
06/04/2009 - 17:41
no way to put off the vacation!
06/06/2009 - 11:56
At least you will be on vacation and not stuck at the office!!
06/04/2009 - 16:13
That is the price you pay for your leisure-filled lifestyle, my friend...Still, it is better than missing the event on account of work! I am sure the organizers would have been glad to have Polands biggest VC collector attending but there will always be a next time.  At any rate, have fun with your wife and lovely daughters and take care. Best regards, Kazumi
Thanks, buddy, for encouraging and kind words! You got that right...
06/06/2009 - 12:18
there's always next time
My best Mr Radek!
06/04/2009 - 23:14
"...vacation on that very day" !! Isn't participating in such an event on your own backyard a vacation, tell me what is ! You'll be there and we will see the most wonderful post of this occasion from Poland, I have at least a very strong feeling of that, now that we really know each other Cheers Doc
Wish I could've been there but I do not think I will be able to report
06/06/2009 - 12:21
on this event...
Re: What a bummer!
06/06/2009 - 08:27
Radek, for sure we all understand and can sympathize with you. However, the ruling party at least in most families, the wife and family are counting on this well planned vacation. They will show you some goodwill on your return so you can buy another watch. I think that's a fair arrangement.   Travel safely!! Best wishes and regards, Matt
Tell me how to put your arrangement into work and I'll have no regrets
06/06/2009 - 12:24
whatsoever, Matt
Radek, that would be so easy............
06/06/2009 - 17:18
Good morning Radek. If you could just forward me the contact numbers or email address for your "Ruling Party" I can handle all in complete diplomacy. That's one of my specialties, lol. I might just need to know a few details in advance like how much you want budgeted for your purchase. Also I would want to provide a gift for her as well recognizing the powers she had delegated. I will await your private email so I can be helpful to you. Best of luck and travel safely with the family. Regards,   Matt
I get it, Matt. Let me try and handle it myself first before I turn to
06/07/2009 - 13:04
you for help if need be.  With a little guidance from a more experienced friend, who knows, I might as well strike gold