What a bunvh of sweet girls and real men !

Back at home , lockal time 2:18 in the night.
Snowfall for the fitst 100 km's and hard wind.
Qutie exhausted, but still speeded What a bunvh of sweet girls and real men !

Patrice, my dear frienf, drove me from SIHH in a long, long car que to the Manadarin Hotel,
where I had my suitcase and brifecase in the lobby.
Did a fast rearrangement on the sofa in the entrance, since I had 5 magzines picked up at SIHH,
while Patrice waited outside, badly parked :-),
the mobile tel. kept ringing and signals for SMS, at the same time.
Stressed as I was I just turned the phone of.
Sitting at the gate, 15 minutes begore boarding I realise NO PHONE.What a bunvh of sweet girls and real men !
Looked through all my pockets on over coat, jacket, waistcoat trousers.
Then suitcase and briefcase. No PHONE.What a bunvh of sweet girls and real men !
The man sitting beside me looked like a true arian What a bunvh of sweet girls and real men !, viking, so I asked if he was Swede. 
He was. Leant his phone called the hotel and they had found my phone ! What a bunvh of sweet girls and real men !
God, a bit stressed. But it was worth it.
You all were so beautiful persons, so I could have talked every hour with you,which I nearly didWhat a bunvh of sweet girls and real men !

Thanks all of you, wherever you are for some absolutee perfect days.
First of all thanks to all you lovely personsWhat a bunvh of sweet girls and real men !Vacheron&Constantin's staff, none named and none forgotten What a bunvh of sweet girls and real men !

Looking forward meeting anyone one of you wherever and whenever,
as soon as possible!

hej !

Doc, good to hear that your phone was recovered and...
01/20/2009 - 05:05
even better that you had a great time at SIHH.  Stayed at the Mandarin Oriental last year during SIHH and the service and staff are excellent. I truly believe that the people at VC play a huge role in making the manufacture as good as it is.  There are many fine brands in the industry, creating excellent timepieces, but the people distinguish the good from the truly superior and it is the latter category where VC belongs. So, can you share with us your impressions from the fair? Cheers, Duncan
Finally it was the at the airport, not at the Hotel!
01/20/2009 - 20:53
Someone will pic it up for me and send it here. So I had to buy a new one in Sweden.  I managed to keep the same number as before anyhow. Doc
No matter from where, still good that you are getting it back. (nt)
01/21/2009 - 00:37
My dear friend, I am happy that you will get your mobile back.
01/22/2009 - 14:29
What weather conditions to drive back home, but you did it safely which is the most important. I am joining also you to thank a lot VC people for their kindness, the way of welcoming guests, availability to assist you, to answer questions and so many other things... Of course, a great thank you also to Alex who organized very carefully everything, with a wonderful tour of the manufacture. I spent an exceptional stay with all of you in Geneva. Warmest regards, Patrice