What a coincidence !!!!

I have this wall calender,

both at my home and at the office.

You know how it use to be.

A week or so,

too late you remeber to turn it.

I turned them both and registred beautiful watches.

Of course since they all are vintage,

they are beautifulWhat a coincidence   !!!!

Bur suddenly today,

at home,

I noticed that one was outstanding beautiful !

Look at the Calender first, and of course the top watch above the other juniors What a coincidence   !!!!

What a coincidence   !!!!

But then it hit me !

What the heck it's the same as mine !!!!

What a coincidence   !!!!

I don't have it at home,

it's in the vault,

otherwise I could (perhaps) had done a more funny pic.

Information some years ago from our "God Father", Dominique Bernaz,

at Vacheron & Constantin :

Made 1946, bought by a meber of the US Army,

based in Germany 8th December 1947,

Cannot tell how many were made but between 20 - 30 !

Dominique Bernaz

Firstly I will say that Dom. is a very close friend of mine,What a coincidence   !!!!


please don't write emails and ask him questions about your watches,

and IF,

write a letter !!

Dom recently wrote to me:

Am back!!
One week vacation 3 days meeting and I am back went trough 322 Emails.

So I hope you ALL got the message !! What a coincidence   !!!!

Your own


not really! Considering you probably have a version of each watch VC
11/25/2007 - 19:52

ever made between 1920-1945

My tought exactly!! :-)
11/26/2007 - 14:36
And since this model is one of Doc's finest VCs, it makes sense to see it in a calendar... I really like the thickness of the glass on that model, I think it looks really nice from the side
Re: What a coincidence !!!!
11/25/2007 - 19:56

That's right, you already sent us most beautiful pics. But this one, for a calendar, is not too bad, but I am not an expert.

On the other way, the information given by Dominique is much worth to include in THE book.

It's the reason why I mentioned in a former post you are the only one to do it!


Re: What a coincidence !!!!
11/25/2007 - 21:41

I had my own "what are the odds!" moment a few months ago. The first watch is (a very poor picture, I will try to post some new pics in the future) my SS tear drop lug V&C that I've had for a few years. I figure that there are not many watches like this in north america.

So I went to the 2007 F1 race at Indy and on Friday practise it was pretty hot, I went into the stands, randomly picking a seat among the 120,000 to choose from. I sat down next to a couple who looked to be in their 70's. I looked over and saw this.

He was kind enough to let me photograph his watch, a very similar example in 18KYG. I just was amazed that of all the seats to choose from, of all the watches to see, in all the places to see it, this turns up! I expressed amazement that he was wearing this beautiful watch out in the sweltering heat of a sporting event ( I was wearing a Speedmaster to time the laps) and he replied "you gotta wear them!"

WOW that was a one in a million chance!! Love both, the dials are
11/25/2007 - 22:45


Sometimes you wonder,
11/26/2007 - 17:49

if the whole life,

you lives,

is just a coincidence !