What is the defining and true modern incarnation of the Overseas?

Hello fellow Vacheron lovers!

I have just recently found my passion for collecting fine timepieces. Furthermore,  I am most interested in sport watches. As a result, I wanted to add only the finest sport watches to my collection. After weeks of researching into exquisite sport watches, I learned that the 3 pinnacles of sport watches is housed within Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constatin.

However, I must say that I am quite stumped with my research into the Vacheron Overseas. There is not nearly enough informational content out there compared to the other 2 houses of watch manufacture. And the whole new collection with new additional models just released today during the SIHH 2016 is not helping with my confusion either.

To cut to the chase, I wish to purchase "THE" Overseas. What I mean by "THE" Overseas is the specific model that pops into the minds of collectors when they think of the Vacheron Overseas. I want the defining and truest incarnation of the Overseas.

For example, "THE" Patek Philippe Nautilus is considered the 5711 in Stainless Steel with the Blue Dial. This is considered the defining and truest incarnation of the Nautilus.

Another example: "THE" Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is considered the Extra-Thin, Ref. 15202, in Stainless Steel with the Blue Dial. This is considered the defining and truest incarnation of the Royal Oak.

What is the current equivalent amongst the new Vacheron Overseas line?

I have a gut feeling that its between the Overseas Ref. 4500V, Overseas Chronograph Ref. 5500V, or the Overseas Ultra-Thin 2000V. However, I am not sure and this is simply a wild guess.

I beg of your help Vacheron connoisseurs.



From a Plebian

Re: What is the defining and true modern incarnation of the Overseas?
01/19/2016 - 10:01

For me personally, it is the grand daddy a.k.a Ref. 222 but finding one in a good working condition might be very very difficult.

If I had to choose from the newly launched variants, it would be the ultra thin in stainless steel. Oh wait, since the ultra thin is only available in WG, my pick would go to the chrono in steel. Why? (Since you brought up the "big 3" comparisons) because currently one of them has not been able to come up with an in-house automatic integrated chrono, while another used to produce a chrono which dial layout is not to my liking.

White or blue dial? By default, I am a white-dial-watch-guy but I have not seen them in person so I can't make the "decision" now

a blessing and a curse! The OS as you pointed out does not have
01/19/2016 - 11:16

just one iconic  model which means that you more or less have to decide for yourself what really puts the biggest smile on your face.


I chose the blue dial chrono


a blessing and a curse! The OS as you pointed out does not have

So, I agree with Alex above... BUT...
01/19/2016 - 19:58

While I do believe that you must find the one that speaks to your heart, I do think that there is a "THE" Overseas.  Allow me to make a case for the new Ultra-thin Perpetual Calendar.  First, let me say that I actually prefer (for now) another, but that I do believe that, as in Neo I'm the matrix, this is "the one".

1. Captures the ethos of the line - it represents the value of the traveler well and feels closely connected to the 222.

2. It contains great horological credentials with an ultra-thin perpetual calendar. (I love a sports watch with a great complication.)

3. It has the legendary 1120 movement, which I think scores it bonus points.

So, this model feels quintessentially Overseas to me, even if it may not be my personal favorite. So, for this I just agree with Alex. 

Take a look - does this make your heart skip a beat?So, I agree with Alex above... BUT...

So, I agree with Alex above... BUT...

Look up the Japanese limited run ENGINE here on the site...
01/22/2016 - 08:26

and thank me latersmiley

I still choose this one over any new or old OS offings. Hard to come by, this truly rare specimen, bot not impossible. A real gem in a freaky way, if you ask me. A lot of firsts for Vacheron in just one watch.

A ton of Japanese only Vacherons were very innovative models and the market served as testing grounds on a lot of occassions. Just saying...

Sorry, but I don't agree with the precept of one "defining and true modern incarnation"
01/22/2016 - 14:39

I know others have knocked VC over the years for not having one model that is instantly recognized as THE iconic VC.

To me, one of VC's strengths has always been its ability to take various forms, styles, functions, etc. and use them all in making different looking, BUT still attached to each other through well thought out details that when combined provide the essence of VC style and design.  This is what is incarnated in every VC watch.

VC has been around for 260 years and while the OS is only 20,  I expect it to last many years and I hope there will never be one model that will be considered THE OS.

I many not have understood you question properly, if so, my reply may not be appropriate.

I believe that to any knoweledageble watch person, any OS is quite instantly recognizable as a VC.  Does which one it is matter to anyone besides you?  Look at what is available and pick the one that looks the best to you and your eyes only.  smiley

Best Regards, Dan