What do you think of this VC?

What do you think of this VC?

What do you think of this VC?

It was my very first VC watch...

And then I traded it for a Malte Dual Time Regulateur WG...

And most of all, has this model ever been made in SS? I found one at a dealer and he claims it is SS What do you think of this VC?

Hi Radek !
10/30/2007 - 13:45

Nice !

Never seen before ,

but like you this one instead

But when seeing the first I don't know....

It's very special !


Hi Doc!
10/30/2007 - 13:50

IMO Regulateur beats the Les Historiques model (I like to call it 'little Toledo') but I'm having bad conscience about getting rid of it...  

Re: What do you think of this VC?
10/30/2007 - 19:12

Hi Radek,

Nice looking watch.  I've never seen that or any of the Historique models offered in SS.  I have seen a manual wind version of that watch without a date and without a seconds hand in rose gold.  But I have not seen either the manual wind or the automatic version of that watch in SS.  Perhaps Alex could shed some light as to whether there might have been some Limited Edition for a foreign market that I just haven't seen pix of.  Perhaps the dealer claiming to have pix can send you some to help verify what he has in his possession.  I really liked the watch you referred to as "little Toledo" so I can understand you missing it.   Hopefully you will be reunited with your 1st VC at some point.

Best regards,


Re: What do you think of this VC?
10/30/2007 - 20:20

I've never seen this "cioccolatone" watch in SS, and what is more surprising is the date at 6.

Either there were made plain, or with triple date + moon phase, as far as I know it...

Alex should have a look and get more info for all of us.

This model was launched in the mid 90s under the Historique model
10/30/2007 - 21:13

range and called the Toledo. It was based on the design of the Ciocolatones from the 50s but much smaller. I have seen it with and without date but as far as I know it was never made in steel.

I was temped by this model some time ago and as much as I find it attractive I find it too small.