What does my vintage vc fall under?

Hi i'm pretty curious under which collection or model my timepiece falls under. My ref no. Is 7811, case no. 439549. Cal 1014. I was wondering wether it is a patrimony, a classic or a historique. Or is it rather just called a vintage vc. Also i'm not sure of it's exact year. I'm guessing less than 1972 because of it's marking swiss instead of swiss made. Crown is unsigned. The ampersand is present as well. Lastly what is the number of years before i should have it lubricated?
Re: What does my vintage vc fall under?
01/05/2015 - 06:35

Hi and welcome.

It's a very nice vintage piece at 33mm diam. It's from around 1960. The Cal. 1014 is a very thin movement and is based on the JLC 818.

It lacks some of the refinements of the earlier 1001/1002 and 1003 which was one of the thinnest movements ever made (1.64mm), but it is still and excellent and excellently finished movement. There is no category for this watch although it is sometimes, erroneously called a "Patrimony" because of the dial.

In the late 60's, Vacheron also went to the Cal. 1120 12" ligne (2.45mm) automatic movement based on the JLC 920, but never used by them. It was used by AP and PP though.

You might want to check out Kent's post with catalogue and photos from 1967 for a look at similar watches from that period


(just a bit of history) smiley

The 1955 "Extra-Plat" introduced in 1955 used the 1003, 9" ligne (21mm). A modern version was introduced in 2010 at SIHH as the Historiques Ultra-fine using the same movement but in a larger 36mm case.

The watches in the 50's and 60's did come come under any specific category such as "Patrimony". That came more than a decade plus later under such names as Historiques, Essentielles, Phidias etc. And the practice continues.

As a general considerations watches should be assessed about every 5 years and serviced if necessary.