What first attracted you to Vacheron Constantin?

My real attraction to Vacheron Constantin watches started about 12-13 years ago when I was still in college. I had read about the brand in various magazines but had yet to see a model in the flesh.

A dealer next to my house had a pretty impressive collection of VC’s on display and the 2 which really attracted my attention were the Mercator and the Jump Hour. I remember stopping and gazing at his window like a kid behind a candy store window.

I just could not take my eyes off these two watches, both were from the same brand and yet so unlike.

The Mercator was so different from what was on the market at the time, I found the double retrograde hands shaped like a compass absolutely brilliant (in the mid 90s this was something extremely novel and rare!) and the dial work was mesmerising.

What first attracted you to Vacheron Constantin?

The Heure Sautante was a more poetic piece, no hands, no movement but just a black onyx triangle indicating the minutes with the hours performing the only visible movement by “jumping” to the next hour.

What first attracted you to Vacheron Constantin?

I tried learning more about the brand and stumbled across an excellent book called “Prestigious Timepieces” which had on its cover the amazing skeleton minute repeater (the same as in The Hour Lounge’s master head).

The more I learned about the brand the more I was attracted to it. I loved the name Vacheron Constantin, I enjoyed pronouncing it, it sounded so romantic and exotic and brought images of rose gardens, saffron and Khayyam’s poetry to my mind.

I liked the fact that Vacheron Constantin customers seemed to belong to an exclusive club where members would greet each other with a nod of the head and a slight smile on the lips seeming to agree on the other’s impeccable taste. In fact VC seemed to me like the best kept secret of the watch world!

I finally took the jump a couple of years after having started working, unfortunately it was neither the Mercator nor the Heure Sautante; but on the look out for a time only classical rose gold watch a vintage watch dealer initiated me to the wonderful world of vintage VC’s and out of his shop I walked a happy man proudly bearing my first VC on the wrist.

Stupid me, I sold that watch a few years ago to finance another purchase and kick myself every single day for doing so, especially when I see the owner wearing MY watch on his wrist :-)

The damage was done and the virus is now in me. I just love the fact that VC still dares to dream and is not locked in its past and while producing classical timepieces the brand still comes out with off beat original watches which are not only watches but also tiny little art works which give the time.

That’s my story...Alex the watchaholic

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04/10/2007 - 18:35


I love geography so this watch was a must for me.

When i got interested in watches the Mercator was in my top 3 list.

Re: Alex, that is a great piece>>>
04/10/2007 - 23:39
Alex, that is a great piece and weaves itself around our particular watch desire like a tapestry, revealing in the end a watch face and some beautiful lugs of course. I was drawn to Vacheron&Constantin by the sheer beauty of the watches. They are timepieces that are not slaves to time like other watches, they give you the gift of time from their artistry, accuracy and incredible workmanship. It is really very simple for me. Thanks for the great photographs and inspiration to add to this forum. Best to all, Tim
"timepieces that are not slaves to time"
04/11/2007 - 00:33

Alea jacta est

Brilliant Tim.... and so true

Two words
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Two words,

Pure poetry :-)


Brand history. beauty and more...
04/11/2007 - 18:12

I have had an interest in nice watches since I was quite young.  My Father would tell me about the "Big Three" and Rolex.  I actually convinced my parents to let me sell some bonds when I was 14 and buy my first good watch, a Rolex GMT Master (although I mostly looked at it, wound it, and only wore it for a few special occasions until I was older).

The more I learned about watches, the more I became I intrigued by the big three.  They seemed so different from Rolex or more common watches that people tended to wear.  I had a few Vacheron, AP, and PP Catalogs and would save their advertisements.  But I kind of became interested in VC because no one I knew owned one (My Dad owned a Patek and an AP).  I thought it would interesting to be the first person in my family to have one (and I was). 

Over the years as my interest in the brand grew (even before I owned one).  I was really amazed that VC had survived with an uninterrupted history of producing watches for more than 220 years (now its more than 250 years).  They surived changes in geography/as different countries/rulers conquored various countries, technology, World Wars, the depression, the quartz invasion, and countless other events.  I marvel at the idea that before there was electricity, in door plumbing, automobiles, and travel by airplanes, home computers and computer aided design programs there was Vacheron Constantin.

I also think its kind of interesting to see that various members of Royalty and celebrities have owned pieces made by VC.  While, I am not Royalty nor am I anything close to becoming a celebrity, its kind of fun to think that my interest in time or fine time pieces has led to my having a watch made by the same company that has produced watches for Royalty or famous people (although I'm sure their watches are far more complicated than mine).  

I also find that Vacheron designs have a beauty and warmth I don't see with other brands.  They have the ability to take a simple design and add layers of complexity and beauty just by giving it a unique set of lugs.  When one thinks of the number of square or round watches on the market just during VC's first 150 years, one could say, its all been done before.  Yet Vacheron always managed to create exciting time pieces and designs that could and have survived the ages without becoming tiresome.  

These are just a few of the things that attracted me to Vacheron.

Best regards, 


Re: What first attracted you to Vacheron Constantin?
04/11/2007 - 19:52

Patek, AP, Rolex...too much marketed and flashy: I like discretion and subtility, no need to show off in this world and despite we're talking about luxury items, for me VC is Art in a subtle way....you need to know to apreciate....but avoiding snobery: art-naturality-warmth-poetry-practical(no huge lenght)-conaissance-limited productions-historic profile.

There is not an iconic line who can shadow the others: each one is independent and united by a red line...

The musicality of the name...oh! la Vache!

The diversity of models....I like to see diferent expresions of reading time: jump-retrograde-etc.......No one like VC are able to express poetry of dials with originality of reading time. It's important to be inovative and original without breaking the line of the good taste: case designs, dials, applied markers...

Just my feelings. 

Cheers, Kiko.

Re: What first attracted you to Vacheron Constantin?
04/12/2007 - 04:49

Without a slight doubt, my heart goes to VC vintage watches in 50' and 60'.  They are really attractive in terms of their aesthetic look and the price.  However, I do love all their enemal dial and skeleton watches.  They are just stunning and in most cases, one class above the others.  IMHO. 



VC designs speak to me
04/17/2007 - 02:41

Several years ago when I decided to upgrade the watches I wore from cheap quartz, I began searching the internet for what was on the market.  I had the great fortune of stumbling on the forum where our dear Alex was one of the moderators.  There I could view all the great houses, both large & small.  It was VC I kept coming back to as the best.  While not every model was a "hit", overall its collection, new & old, vibrated with quality, artistry & class.  VC's history was icing on the cake.  Like the response to the questioner who asks which watch he should buy, the answer is buy the watch that speaks to you.  That's what VC does for me.


Re: What first attracted you to Vacheron Constantin?
04/18/2007 - 02:21

My fascination of Vacheron Constantin started a few years ago, when I became very fond of watches. I remember that I was impressed by the classic timepiece Patrimony, which was not very complicated, but had extremely perfect shape, ideal symmetry on the face. That watch was perfect. Afterwards I became interested in the history of the brand, familiar with the collection, movements (both modern and historical ones - in that place I would like to recommend the album "Secrets of Vacheron Constantin" as the perfect compendium of knowledge) and finally I considered Vacheron Constantin as my favourite brand of watches. In the end I bought my first Vacheron watch and I am convinced it will not be the last one. What's more, I appreciate the Vacheron Constantin for fidelity to tradition, complication, perfect quality of movements and their development towards "in-house". I also appreciate the brand's excellent non-aggressive marketing.