What makes a good forum?

There are more and more watch discussion sites/forums on the net however there are few which are informative, fun and somewhere where you want to spend some time.

There are forums with tens of posts each day others with a few per week, some you go one once and never go back others interest you even if you don't have watches from the brand. Of course a Greubel Forsey forum will attract less forumers than lets say a JLC forum just because one brand is more niche than the other.

So my main question is what are the main ingredients that make a good forum?

I would say the interest for the brand + the information which can be found + the foumers + the moderator and mix it all up to get a great atmosphere like here on the Lounge What makes a good forum?.

My second question would be what makes a good moderator?

Here I don't have a specific answer, for me you just recognise a good moderator when you see one What makes a good forum?

Good question
03/10/2008 - 13:01

1 that I asked myself the other day.

   First is the people who make up the forum community.  What kind of question & comments they think up.  I'm so happy not every other thread on here is about price or how much is the value of etc....  That being said I am guilty of being a poor lounger even though I've been registered from the start only a couple of days ago I made my 5th post. While I pass through here a few times a day almost every day.  Now I'm trying to make the effort to contribute more.  Most forumers are there because of interest, partiality, or infomation

   Second is the mod, and in Alex we have and excellent one in that he is knowledgeable about the subject, honest, and fair.

just my 2 cents

Re: What makes a good forum?
03/10/2008 - 14:14

Answer for a Good forum is: Alex + Vacheron Constantin = Two great brands !

I think it's a subtile mix of what you said, Tourbillon.
03/10/2008 - 14:35

Alex knows quite a lot on VC, but not only, as he is also open to other manufactures which bring a larger mind. (I hope he won't say the opposite!).

He is helped by other Loungers who bring their personal touch, taste and knowledge (just a few exemples like our famous Doc, and many others of course...) to enrich this forum.

We have also some funny exchanges from time to time, and some contests to push us to bring ideas, information, and so, new discussions.

All in all, for me, it's a pleasure to connect and find other friends.

A little plus to develop in the future, would be, like in Paris, to have meetings (dinners, shows...) to gather as many people as possible.

Nothing but to see each other is a must.

Thanks to Alex, and his involvement.

I agree with eveyone...
03/10/2008 - 15:49

I hope I do not sound like a brown-noser, but I have to say that we are really blessed here at the Lounge.

First, we have a most gracious host in VC!  We mustn't forget that a public forum like this does not come for free and I really thank VC for sponsoring such a sight.  Of course, in return, I think VC is able to get the most honest opinions from the most critical of folks (the VC aficionado).

Next, there is the moderator.  Again, we are blessed with Alex.  The guys is knowledgeable without being a know-it-all; he knows when to draw the line without being harsh; he is helpful; open to different opinions; and quite funny too (really!!). 

Then of course there is everyone.  The Lounge has been blessed with such a fine gathering of gentlemen (and ladies) with a passion for VC (and horology in general) and the generosity to share knowledge, photos, and even photoshop skills!  Thanks to the forum and Alex, we have a channel for sharing this passion which helps increase everyone's knowledge and appreciation which in turn fuels the passion even more!

We are lucky to have such a great place to hang out here at the Hour Lounge.  Let's keep it that way!

All the best!


My 2c as a user and as a moderator
03/10/2008 - 17:35

As a "reader / user" of online watch discussion forums I look for information, however to start becoming a regular reader/poster I want the forum to have a special atmosphere which gives it a je ne sais quoi which makes you want to stay there and discuss not as if you are behind your computer but rather as if you were sharing a good bottle of wine with friends.

As a moderator you need 3 ingredients to  make a good forum: The major part (70%-80%) are the members, its you guys who make the life and death of a forum and as such I'm really happy with the way things are going on The Lounge where discussions are more profound than the habitual strap colors discussions. You also need to have a brand who supports the forum and doesn't consider it as being just another marketing/communications tool publishing press releases and being used for the brand's official propaganda and I think Vacheron Constantin have been really smart about this and pretty much leave me alone but also reply rapidly with all questions (technical, historical etc...) I may have. Last is the moderator who needs to make the mix work well.

Here on the Lounge these 3 ingredients immediayely mixed well and clicked making it for me not only a pleasure to  moderate but also to read and participate.

Finally I think that to be a good moderator you need genuine passion for the brand  + knowledge + humility and enjoying what you do  

All of us, together.
03/10/2008 - 20:26

The mainpoint isn't a few persons writing about things they like themselves.

The real success for Hour Lounge is the many participants,

different ages, different social background, different ethnic background,

different tastes.

Many differences, and that I think these are an important ground.

Some like pocket watches, others Overseas and even 222's,

some like brand new, and some are only vintage guys !

One thing is common, a burning flame for the highest watchmaking,

which always isn't only VacheronConstantin,

but on this forum it is, of obvious reason.

To conclude, I would say respect for other peoples taste and values.

Of course, without Alex and VacheronConstantin,

we wouldn't have had this meetingplace (in latin Forum ).

On the other hand, without us, Alex and VacheronConstantin,

wouldn't have had a forum



Re: What makes a good forum?
03/10/2008 - 21:58

Dear Fellow Loungers,

Yes I agree with all of you.  The good sense and knowledge of the moderator, the sharing and passion of the members, the rich subject nature of VC all provide the cornerstones of a great forum.

Having been part of other (camera-related) forums, most of you would agree that the worst thing that can happen to a good thread are the likes of flamers and trolls.  While I think there should be good critical analysis and some debate to spur thought, those have no other aim than to make personal attacks, ridicule and generally ruin for everyone an otherwise enjoyable topic of conversation can really bring the reputation of a forum down.  I am sure this will not happen here.

I look forward to many more engaging discussions from our wonderful Loungers.

Re: What makes a good forum?
03/11/2008 - 03:21

As simple as 1+1=2;

Great Partiscipants+Great Moderator=Great Fourm!

Re: What makes a good forum?
03/11/2008 - 13:34

A good forum depends on its participants: if they know well some maison (but I think that even one maison it's a very difficult thing!), forum grows a lot!

Then clear and severe rules.

Last, a little bit of good sense!

I agree with all that has been said before...
03/12/2008 - 20:40

...but I would just like to add that the HL is definitely THE BEST forum I have ever been part of!