what makes vintage watch vintage????????????

currently, the biggest and probabaly only reason to call a watch "vintage(?)" is its age.

is it true indiaction of vintageness????????????

if watch is say 50 yrs old but if it does not performs its function that is to keep perfect (or near perfect) time; then should such watch called vintage????????

watch that is not timekeeper called vintage??????????????????

04/19/2008 - 20:03

given the number of question marks which you squandered in your post, those questions must really be weighing on your mind. So let me relieve that weight for you: the answer to all of your questions is yes.

The word "vintage" is almost invariably used within the context of watches to denote age. So while it is true that in other contexts the same word is used to denote a certain level of quality (e.g. "vintage Miles Davis"), that is not true of its use in the world of watches. So, a 1967 Certina with a broken mainspring is a "vintage watch", even if it is in no other way comparable to a mint V&C Chronometre Royal which gains two seconds a day.


Tony C.

the question is when does a watch become vintage? I had read somewhere
04/21/2008 - 14:39

that vintage was derived from French: vingt ans d'age (20 years old). Meaning basically that the definition of vintage is sliding so basically if the question is asked in 2008 anything made prior to 1988 would be vintage.

However vintage being originally an oenological word it derives from the word vendange (when the grapes are picked) and just refers to a specific year the wine was made.

The big question is starting from what date or era is a watch considered as being vintage?