What Model / Ref is this VC? Please help.


 I am new in this forum as I don't own any VC watches. 

But today I come across this piece at my local AD.  What Model / Ref is this VC? Please help.    Wrist shot   What Model / Ref is this VC? Please help.   It's a very nice piece with a guilloche dial, power reserve indicator and date. The 40mm RG case is immaculately polished to perfection and just about as good as anything I have seen. The movement is manual wind and has a sapphire caseback. Strangely, even the sales people don't know much about this watch, only knowing it should be a VC patrimony. As I asked for detailed specs, she is not able to find it either on VC website or the printed catalog. Even more strangely, I cannot find any information on the Internet about this model. 

Can someone help me to identify this? And if you own this piece, what is your user experience? I tried it on and find it beautiful, probably the nicest VC I have seen, but I don't like the caseback. It seems the movement is crammed into a larger case and the movement decoration is one step below PP/AP/Lange despite the Geneva Seal.  Many thanks in advance.    RgdsBen  
Hi Ben, this is a Ref. 83020-000r-9909
05/17/2015 - 16:48

It was introduced at Watches & Wonders 2014 in Hong Kong.  This and its diamond bezel version (Ref. 83520-000r-9909) were exclusive to Asia when they were first introduced, though I don't know how long that exclusivity period is.

The reference number should be engraved on the back of the case, so I'm surprised the sales people could not identify it.


Ref. 83020

Hi Ben,  this is a Ref. 83020-000r-9909


Ref. 83520

Hi Ben,  this is a Ref. 83020-000r-9909


Cal. 1420

Hi Ben,  this is a Ref. 83020-000r-9909

Cal. 1420 is based on Cal. 1400 (VC's first, in-house, designed movement of the modern era).  I agree that it looks small in a 40mm diameter case. 

We can look at specific movements from the different brands, but I do not agree that it is a step below others in terms of movement finishing.

It works better with some models than others
05/17/2015 - 18:52

display back with small movement in large case seems to work very well in some VCs.

It works better with some models than others

Nice that you got a prompt answer on both forums.  Like Dan, I can't think what credible source would suggest VC finishing is "one step below".  If a scholarly discussion is being sincerely solicited, please be specific on your criticisms; problems with Geneva Seal criteria in general or the Manufacture's techniques, or flaws in execution of a particular example?  Otherwise, its just a "run-by fruiting" wink.  But I'm all for the discussion, we are not a prickly bunch, so if this may assist your preparations, here are a few links:








Hi and welcome, not much to add other than if you actually have a side by side comparaison of
05/18/2015 - 15:35

similar movement from the brands you have cited the VC may certainly surprise you in terms of finish!