What is required for a complete set for a vintage VC

This is my first time seeing a complete set of vintage VC which was imported into Japan for this one. I am posting it as I did not see it in the past.

- A green sticker at the caseback to confirm the import

- A buckle which are slight 'tipped' (not completely rectangle) which are the third time I see the type of buckle.

- Grey colour guarantee paper (envelope to contain the paper as well)

- Red rectangular box

- White outer paper box

Just a sharing.

It is interesting to see a complete set of vintage VC. Did anyone see others before?

What is required for a complete set for a vintage VC

very very rare! I had never seen this complete pack, thanks for
07/13/2011 - 21:26


Can we get more details please?
07/17/2011 - 07:42

I'd love to know the reference number and caliber of your watch smiley.  Close-up front and movement shots would be nice also, and the buckle markings.  Don't leave us hanging!!

Hi dean, this is not my watch. This is an ad from a shop.
07/17/2011 - 08:52
This is a 4217 stainless steel. 454/5b definitely. I am sending you an email.