What was your first VC and why?

The Malte Chronograph Excellence Platine for me. I was saving up for a PP 5070 in WG but saw a Malte chrono on the wrist of a dinner guest one evening and it made a great impression on me! I knew about VC but had never really been interested in the brand before but I decided to take time and learn more, and the more I leared the more I was bitten. 

History, fantastic products, not too much marketing and a brand for those in the know... I kew I had to ave a VC, the 5070 was forgotten. I tried the Malte Chrono a few times but when I decided to pull the trigger the one I had my heart set on was sold. My dealer promised me to order another for me, to be sure I would get the watch fast I actually paid for it right away. My dealer calls me about a month later saying that he had recieved my watch.

Once in the shop he brought the WG model on a tray and next to it another watch but covered with a cloth. When he showed me I was smitten: the platinum chrono with the most amazing dial...drool drool drool. It was way over my budget but I just could not let it go. So I took the plunge and have never regretted it a single day and has been my daily wearer for over a year!

What was your first VC and why? 

a watch I still kick myself for selling. About 12-13 years ago I set
07/07/2009 - 19:17
out looking for a rose gold watch but couldn't find anything I either liked or could afford. I happened on a vintage watch dealer who had an amazing VC from the 60s in his window. The lugs were somewhat hidden and it had a stunning sunray dial. I was hooked but it was still way above what I could afford. After having threatened to spend the rest of my life in fron of his shop drooling on this window front he agreed to buy back my meager collection of rather uninteresting watches as to lower the price. I was in heaven The watch was on my wrist daily for a few years until the day I walked into a shop to check out a Breguet and the vendo (who also dealt in vintage pieces) offered to buy my VC and offer me a great price on the Breguet. Needless to say the Breguet has been long sold and forgotten but never again did I find a similar VC
Re: What was your first VC and why?
07/07/2009 - 20:03
This one seen on the wrist of Alex and got in a risky way .. I bought it on eBay, paid it, ask to the seller to keep it, and few weeks after ask him to send it in an hotel in New York where i spent my summer holidays !!!. When i arrived it was here !!. Ouffff. Best regards. Patrice.
My faithful and never to be sold or traded Royal Eagle
07/07/2009 - 21:03
was my first. You never forget your first. It was several years ago and I was stepping up my collecting at break neck speed.( I think I have told part of this story before but forgive me any replay.) I found a very collectible San Marco in Europe and after getting it home, realized it was not going to be a frequent companion. I was on the lookout for a good looking chrono with style and substance and had been discussing such matters on another Forum we all know with the V&C moderator at that time, a Mr. A.G. After several posts and lots of discussion I was able to find an AD in the area that had the new Royal Eagle and was very interested in the San Marco--magic! There are many more details about the Royal Eagle and the escapades we have been through, but that will have to wait for a later date. There have been several other V&C's since then and definately more to come, but as you have read from others, the trading urges are strong in us and the next watch many times trumps the current one--leaving the favorites and never to be sold watches like big gold nuggets in our ever swirling miner's pan. Take good care and hope everyone is having a great Summer. Best, Tim
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07/07/2009 - 23:02
Boy, I envy some of you and your "plunge" into the high-end of VC ownership .  I began with the humble Overseas 1st Gen chronometer.  I had a book on luxury watches that spoke very highly of Vacheron so when it came time to change out my Rolex OP for something more unique but still suitable for daily wear, the OS was very appealing.  Then one came available at a great price and, well you know the story.....
Re: What was your first VC and why?
07/08/2009 - 06:21
The story of my first, and still my favorite, VC was told in March 2008 as part of THL's 1st Anniversary Contest No. 2 and actually first appeared on another forum in 2007 when THL was still in its infancy.  Sorry about the repetitiveness, but the P.S. section is new .

"Last October (2006) my wife and I took a cruise through the Caribbean and she saw a watch that really attracted her attention.  It was a VC 31-Day Retrograde in RG, #47245.  She called me over and we both really felt that it called out to us.  Though always appreciative of fine watches and art, we have never purchased a high end watch before - so reluctantly we decided it was best to not buy something on an impulse that we really knew very little about.  (I knew about VC's high quality reputation and history - but only at the most basic level). After getting back home, we couldn't stop thinking about the watch - actually we started going online at the Miami airport to do some research.  Googling led me to the forum.  Over time I have read every single post on this forum - which has given me an immeasurable amount of knowledge and understanding.  We feel that, compared to other brands, VC just "fits" us in terms of style and personality (at least the Mens watches).  After looking at many of the offerings that VC has created over the years we felt that the 31-Day Retrograde still called out to us the most.  I am very happy to say that my wife bought this watch for me 2 weeks ago, from an AD, for our tenth wedding anniversary! I'd like to thank each and ever one that has posted on this forum for teaching us something about high-end horology and VC.  This knowledge was definitely a deciding factor in making the purchase."

Best Regards, Dan

P.S.  Fast forward to March 2009 and now Daisy can tell her story:After getting Dan his anniversary gift, he has been trying to get me a watch that I'd be interested in.  I was never a big watch fan before but searching and participating in getting him a VC was fun.  I originally had several requirements for a nice watch: 1. Mechanical, preferably automatic 2. Rose Gold 3. A seconds hand (I need to see that the watch is active and working) 4. At least a day or date complication 5. No diamonds (I like my diamonds large and individually set ) 6. Not too large as I don't want it to look enormous on my tiny wrist After months of searching, Dan found a Blancpain that almost met all of my requirements (there were small diamonds set in the hour markers).  The watch looked very nice on my wrist, but I just didn't feel anything special while wearing it and was reluctant to pull the trigger, though it was still a candidate. In Oct. 2008 we went to the VC Shanghai Maison Grand Opening and I saw a beautiful 1952, YG, 36mm, triple-date with moonphase.  I tried it on at it was talking so loud to me, I couldn't hear anything else.  I really liked the watch but it was quite expensive, so I wanted to think about it for a few days.  The very next day a VC sales rep called Dan to say that the watch was sold late last night, I guess it just wasn't meant to be. We went watch window shopping that weekend and I found an AP that I really liked, it was a RG, 29mm, time-only with sub-seconds dial, a wonderful wave-patterned guillochage from the Jules Audemars line.  Dan noticed that this watch did not meet my requirement for a complication and, being VC obsessed as he is, suggested that if a simple watch would do then I should look at some vintage VCs.  The have classic beauty, outstanding movements and were really "best in class" during their day.  We had a tough time finding the AP for a good price (China prices for these types of luxury goods are very expensive, a minimum 25% luxury import tax is added to the price, besides any additional markups by the dealers). Well, in March 2009, we found a 1953, ref. 4310, 32.5mm watch with a cal. 466/3b in Chicago.  It has a beautiful dot-pattern guillochage at the center of the dial and the edges of the dial slope downwards.  When I saw this watch, I knew it was the one for me.  I love that it is understated and that it will very often go unnoticed by others, but I know it is a rare and special watch. All I can say is I guess my original requirements were made before I knew what was available, a girl ALWAYS has the right to change her mind. Last week I was at an event (a reunion of all-women's symphony orchestra) and while at dinner, the woman sitting next to me looked at my watch and didn't think anything of it.  Then after a second and third glance, she couldn't take her eyes off of it.  She said it kept attracting her and the more she looked at it, the more beautiful it was.  She finally asked me about the watch and I told her it was a 56-years old V&C, originally made for men but these days its size is appropriate for women as well.  She told me that she has heard of the brand before but has never seen one in the metal and that many women's watches today are larger than this one.  Well the whole table became interested and I showed the watch to everybody while giving them a quick lesson about VC history.  (I think Dan's VC fanaticism has rubbed off a little too much on to me ) Thanks for reading through my long story, I hope you enjoyed it.  It's nice to be a member of this club vs. being just the spouse of a member . Best Regards, Daisy

this is the 1st I've heard of a husband and wife collecting the same
07/09/2009 - 11:33
brand of watches Thnank you for your thoughts Daisy and its good to have you with us
My first: Patrimony Traditionelle 38mm Automatic
07/08/2009 - 06:31
The VC came about after much research of RG watches; PP, IWC, Breguet, AP and a few others. I was looking for something very special for my 40th birthday. It had to be from a make with history and a piece that was worthy of being passed on to my oldest son as an heirloom. It's been almost a year and still loving it! Jacob
a long time goner, unfortunately...
07/08/2009 - 14:45
Little Toledo as I used to call it... A beautiful white gold rectangular watch with an automatic movement, date only and dark blue dial - just an amazing combination. A little too small on the wrist for my current standards but I miss it immensely, you know it was THE FIRST... Had it not been for a Greek friend of mine - Christos - who taught me about watches and said VC was number 1 in his book I would have never considered getting it in the first place. It was a great piece... Having been a proud owner for quite a while I traded it in for a DTR which is no longer part of my collection either... oh boy, it's like a revolving door 
A beautiful Toledo! Sad you don't own it anymore...
07/09/2009 - 15:59
but watches come & go My first VC is Malte chrono RG. I read from a magazine r/e Lemania based mov't and how it's one of the best & rare mov'ts and the magazine was suggesting 3 models: Breguet chrono, Patek 5070 & VC Malte chrono. Everyone is crazy for Patek of course ("investment" potential) but I couldn't afford a 5070 (not that I want to anyway...) I chose VC because I like the brand's "quiet identity" and I see those who choose VCs are normally discreet people/collectors who don't flaunt their watches to the public for the sake of recognition. Plus, VC is not just some brand anyway having the oldest history in the word of horology. It's also not hyped. I once asked a famous collector when I was choosing a high end dress watch between Patek Calatrava & VC Patrimony boutique piece. I read the reports of the watch's release party in Singapore and having seen the watch stunning combo, I almost made my mind but still, I did try to ask that famous collector for his opinion. And I was surprised to hear when he said,"The VC is better"  so I got my second VC which I still wear frequently.  I am sure I will get my 3rd VC one day as VCs now are not getting cheaper either LOL...
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07/13/2014 - 05:10

I just started collecting a couple months ago, and my first "real" watch was a VC Overseas Dual Time.

I love VC and I am now researching into a Royal Eagle.

For my third, I would like a Patrimony 31 day retrograde....VC is very addicting.

I also have a few JLC's, but the VC heritage runs deep.

I look forward to learning much more on this forum.

Welcome to the Lounge and good to see people still reading these old
07/13/2014 - 11:00

posts. Please do post some scans of your Overseas in a new thread so more can see