What would you ask VC's Special Order department to make for you?

If you wanted a bespoke timepiece or a Vacheron Constantin watch customised to your specifications what would you choose in each category offered ( cat 1: modification of an existing model , cat 2: creation of a new model but on existing movements and modules, cat 3: 100% bespoke)

I'll start :-)

Category 1:

Patrimony Contemporaine in a 38 mm case

What would you ask VC's Special Order department to make for you?

Patrimony Contemporaine Day/Date Bi-retrograde in a 38 mm case

What would you ask VC's Special Order department to make for you?

The Malte Perpetual Calendar chronograph in rose gold and silver 2 tone dial.

What would you ask VC's Special Order department to make for you?

Category 2: A chronograph in the Patrimony Traditionnelle case, Hommage aux Grands Explorateurs with a dial of the Silk Road, an automatic with cal 2450 with a crab lug case like the one below:

What would you ask VC's Special Order department to make for you?

Category 3: A perpetual calendar with day/date/month indications via appertures in line an placed on the top part of the dial and a moonphase indication similar to the one on the Tour de l'Ile. I would also want a deadbead central seconds and if I wanted to make things even more complicated I would also want a tourbillon in the back.

What would you ask VC's Special Order department to make for you?

A split seconds chronograph with co-axial split seconds pusher in the crown in the same case shape as the vintage ref 6087

What would you ask VC's Special Order department to make for you?

A Grande Sonnerie with the same calendar functions as the Tour de l'Ile but this time on the front of the watch. The back being open to admire the movement

What would you ask VC's Special Order department to make for you?

And finally I would like to have an Overseas tourbillon!

I 'd want something from category 2...
05/07/2007 - 13:32
The calendar layout from the Malte perpetual calendar chronograph on top of the new automatic movement. Moonphase as in the Tour de l'Ile. Perhaps the new Tradionnelle case and hands. 38 mm. Bill
Interesting topic, Alex.
05/07/2007 - 18:23

But first, that crab lug piece is a beauty.  Aside from the case, the dial really brings out the best in that design.  Great piece Alex!

Now for your question...

Category 1: Just like Alex, I would like to have the Contemporaine manual wind (Collection Excellence Platine) in a 38mm case, but with our family crest on the dial (above 6 o'clock).  The bi-retro in 38mm should be nice too!

Tribute to Great Explorers mix up - the Zheng He map (Asia) but with Magellan as the theme and his galleon in the foreground.  The Philippines, which is in the middle of the Zheng He map, was discovered by Magellan.  In fact, Magellan never made it back as he was killed in the Philippines - so historically, it should be okay.

Category 2: Triple date Patrimony in 38mm case (Contemporaine? Traditionelle?), day and month in guichets, pointer date (with red cresent tip) and a moon phase display ala Tour de l'Ile.  Well, something like that.



Let me dream away...
05/07/2007 - 18:44

Nice topic!

As "Realistic in the future" I would love 2 pieces in Category 1 (or maybe its 2):

Overseas Chronograph SS: Oldstyle military dail (symetric sub-dials and military index) - but in silver/white with the new bracelet. (40 or 42mm - dont know for sure :-P). Guess I would love to see a inhouse chronograph movement (Geneva-Seal) aswell but I would skipp a saphire caseback becouse of the soft iron case that still needs to be there. 300 meter WR.

Grand (male) size 1972: WG Symetric case ala "Reverso", Cambered (like  RD "much more"). Black roman index on a white dial. Open caseback with a geneva-seal movement.



Re: What would you ask VC's Special Order department to make for you?
05/07/2007 - 22:57

I want a category 3 watch. Can't afford it, but would really like to have one. Basically whatever takes your fancy.

On a more realistic note, the 38mm Patrimony Day/Date bi-retrograde could be very nice!! I saw the watch in London around the time it came out and was absolutely appalled by the size of the watch, should have been called bi-retrograde wrist clock.

Now, in 38mm, it could be very nice. I still think the day retrograde looks like an old elevator (or lift depending which side of the pond you are) indicator :-)

Or maybe in a malte case with sword hands.

Can anyone photoshop the bi-retrograde with malte sword hands and a malte case (with the squarish step lugs). What about tear drop lugs?

Well, basically, the old 31-day retrograde with malte hands, malte case, malte lugs (or tear drop lugs), and patrimony dial...

I need photoshop....

my turn:
05/07/2007 - 23:08
I don't select the categories but here we go as it comes: -Toledo 1952 in a smaller case than actually. -A new sort of saltarello with date. -crabe lugs is wonderfull....something simple with a special vintage shape as this one. -patrimony extra-plate RG with creamy guilloché dial. -Enameled Explorateur with retrograde seconds -1972 with date and open back -malte chrono in 38 mm case. -38-40mm chrono overseas steel with RG hands with rubber strap . -new patrimony traditionelle automatique with retrograde seconds. -ufff..... if I let fly my imagination I wouldn't stop!!!! Must return work. Best to all: I love this place. Kiko.
So many choices...
05/08/2007 - 20:50

Hi Guys,

can I play?  First let me say, Alex, I love that rose gold VC with "Crab Lugs" its beautiful.

I think for a sports watch I'd have them make a 222 for me.  I love that watch, but I've only seen a ladies version in person and it was in rough shape.  I think I'd go with steel (or if money was no object, platinum) and I'd choose a blue dial and power it using an 1120 movement.  For something a bit dressier I'd have them make a 222 in rose gold with a chocolate color dial similar to the Overseas Dual Time limited edition...maybe for this one I'd add a power rerserve function and moonphase, or a dual time feature.  However, I'd specifiy no asymetric single pusher (as on an Overseas) above the crown.  Everything would be opperated via the crown.

I think I would also have them do a cushion shaped watch for me in rose gold, maybe with Breguet style blued hands. This watch would be 40mm in diameter, have a see through back, subdial for small seconds, and a power reserve indicator.  Or, maybe I'd ask them to make this watch but as a single pusher chronograph.  

Wow creating my own watch sounds like a lot of fun!

Best regards,


Certainly Category 3
05/09/2007 - 08:03

I would like to have a vintage chronograph similar to 6087 but with tear drop lugs and equippped with a Venus movement.

Am I asking too much?



ah a Venus movement. Lovely but how about asking VC to develop a
05/09/2007 - 12:20

chronograph movement just for you ?!!

Good idea and can be considered but...
05/09/2007 - 13:54

My heart will always be with Venus movement.  It is like a gorgeous lady who always maintain her elegence.

LOL :-) (nt)
05/09/2007 - 14:24


Re: What would you ask VC's Special Order department to make for you?
05/10/2007 - 13:45

I believe the special orders department also has the ability to re-create watches produced by VC in the past.

a) One of the models I find intriguing and might wish to have re-created is the Heure Sautante or Jumping Hours watch.

Does anyone have photos of this timepiece? Also, could I have more information, such as year introduced, movement details etc. etc.,

b) Another model I find very interesting in the Mercator. Also on my wish list as a possible re-creation. Could I have more information on the movement of the Mercator, and when it was in production.

c) Apart from these, I would not mind having the Patrimony Automatic Contempo RG in a 38mm case, and the Patrimony Bi-Retrogade in a 38mm case. 

Heure Sautante and Mercator
05/10/2007 - 16:28

Funny how you mention these two watches as they are the 2 models that got me intersted in Vacheron!

a) The Heure Sautante was launched in the mid 90s and production stopped circa 2000 even though I dont't have the exact dates. It was made in YG and platinum and housed Cal 1120

b) The Mercator also uses cal 1120. It was first launched in 1994 with an enamel dial representing either Europe /Africa/Asia or the Americas (each in 30 pieces). Then a regular production model was launched with the same dials but on engraved gold. Other enamel dial models were made for specific markets representing a specific country or region. Unofficially less than 1000 Mecrators all dial/metal combinations have been created (I have even heard that there have been only 500-600). If you use the search function you will find a lot of discussions on the Mercator.

Re: Heure Sautante and Mercator
05/11/2007 - 09:29

What is the english translation of Heure Sautante?

I find this watch mesmerising. So simple, yet so beautiful and elegant.

Could I have more details on the Caliber 1120 such as:

- Is it in-house or based on an ebauche?

- Geneva Seal ? (not that it really matters)

- Is this caliber still in production?

Heure Sautante means Jump Hour in French cal 1120
05/11/2007 - 11:22

is for me one of the best and most reliable automatics around. It was first developped in the 1967 by JLC as caliber 920 for VC and AP (PP also used it in its original Nautilus models), but never used for its self. 

Click on the link below to read a review of this movement by Walt Odets


This caliber was the base automatic for most VC's (it exists with geneva Seal and without not that there is any difference between the 2!). In 2000 when Richemont group bought JLC 40% of the latter was held by Audemars. In the transaction Audemars got full rights to caliber 1120. In the last years the 1120 was reserved only for the Mercator models but I don't know if there is any stock left.

Re: Heure Sautante means Jump Hour in French cal 1120
05/11/2007 - 12:09

Thanks for this insight.

You mentioned that the caliber 1120 was available with and without the Geneva Seal. Does that mean that if a rich client wishes to buy a certain VC, (for example the Malte Tourbillon), and wishes to receive it with the Geneva Seal, would VC accomodate? And if yes, would there be an extra fee?

If someone were to get a bespoke Heure Sautante or Mercator made, which movement would VC used?

Re: Re: Heure Sautante means Jump Hour in French cal 1120
05/11/2007 - 13:16

VC's mid term goal is to have the geneva seal on all its movements. If you want the Malte Tourbillon with the Geneva Seal I guess it would have to be a special order and would come at a cost.

As to having a bespoke piece made the type of movement would depend on the client's choice

Re: Re: Re: Heure Sautante means Jump Hour in French cal 1120
05/11/2007 - 15:21


I love the Malte Tourbillon as it is. It is simply mesmerising.

I love the steel version and the black nickel version they had done
05/11/2007 - 16:40

for their Singapore and Malaysia boutiques