what would you choose between a Patek 5070 or a Malte chrono platinum?

I know this is the VC forum but this community seems more open and less fanatic about brand (that's why I'm not asking the question on a PP forum).

Here's the strory, I have been dreaming about the PP 5070 for about a year but recently I saw some photos of the Malte chronograph in platinum with the platinum dial and was stunned. I was literally whipped off my feet when I can across this watch last week on someone's wrist.

We spoke about the watch and the owner told me he was planning to sell his watch collection. His asking price is from my understanding the retail price of the watch and he doesn't want to budge because a second hand dealer he knows will buy the watch from him at his asking price (I tend to believe him).

Meanwhile I have also been offered the 5070 and no longer know which way to go. I've been wanting the 5070 for so long but then again the Malte Chrono has given me sleepless nights...


what would you choose between a Patek 5070 or a Malte chrono platinum?

or this:

what would you choose between a Patek 5070 or a Malte chrono platinum?

its a good choice to have yet a tough one. It seems that
08/14/2007 - 17:47

the PP has been on your wish list for some time and I would say go with the one you have been waiting for, for such a long time.

If the choice was mine I would go for the VC just because I find it to be such a severely cool watch, the sheen of the platinum dial really set the watch apart. The 5070 on the otherhand is a much more classical watch.

Both are about the same size I think (41mm for the VC and 42mm for the PP but the later is thicker)

Both are expensive watches, I would say the 5070 will probably hold its value if not increase. I have yet to see the platinum Malte on the market but obviously you would be paying list price for a second hand watch which shows that the market is strong...

Just my 2c...

been there, done that...
08/14/2007 - 19:10

I used to own a 5070 in WG which I really liked but like you when I saw the Malte chronograph in platinum it was a no brainer... I immediately sold the 5070 to fund the VC!

The Patek is a very classical watch to a point where I considered that it lacked some "oomp" especially for a watch on the larger size. On the other hand the VC is drop dead sexy and the way the light reflects on the sand blasted platinum dial is pure poetry. I also like the Malte lugs which give the watch a more playful look. I just wish they would get rid of the "chronograph" written on the dial.

In terms of movement both use the tried and tested Lemania hand wind (PP adds a gyromax balance whereas VC has a swan neck regulator).

In the end its which one puts a smile on your face, the 5070 put a smile on my face but the Malte chrono put a huge grin so I chose the latter.

Good luck on your decision and in any event you can't go wrong with either one of these fine chronographs.

and one last important point I forgot to mention is that the VC is
08/14/2007 - 19:30

limited to 75 pieces which makes it a true limited collector's piece IMHO.

thanks guys, after seeing Chronometer's scans my decidion is made!!
08/15/2007 - 22:09