What would you like Santa to bring you?

If Santa was a WIS (which he is not, believe me What would you like Santa to bring you?... otherwise I would have received a skeleton minute repeater last year What would you like Santa to bring you?) what would you ask him to bring you this year?

I'm in a tourbillon mood right now and any one of these two beauties would make my wrist more than happy:

Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon

What would you like Santa to bring you?

Jean Daniel Nicholas : 2 minute Tourbillon

This is Daniel Roth's (the man) new brand, since he can, sadly, no longer use his full name he is making watches under his and his son's first names

What would you like Santa to bring you?

If I can have ANYTHING...
12/14/2007 - 15:52

...then it would be this: Philippe Dufour Duality...


/Xerxes...dreaming on...

the Duality is a fascinating watch I would love one but in a
12/15/2007 - 14:37

bigger case (37-38mm)

i believe he is not too, so i am definitely getting this for myself ..
12/14/2007 - 16:01

this christmas. :) so my wish to santa is it reaches me before christmas .

Congratulations in advance!!
12/14/2007 - 18:14

THis is a real beauty. I did consider buying it also for a while...

I really love everything about this watch, from the hands to the lugs. AL&S have a real winner with this one, the watch really project a sense of power and strength.

With this on the way, who needs Santa?

Please post us a few pictures when you get it...

I feel like I am in the Twillight Zone...
12/14/2007 - 16:21

Yesterday I sent an email to our dear friend Bill saying the EXACT same thing as you, Alex!

The only difference is that I think I would like to have my Malte Tonneau Tourbillon in RG...

Shall I say "Great minds think alike"?

freaky :-) (nt)
12/14/2007 - 16:35


but why....
12/14/2007 - 17:18

Alex, did you really have to ask this question now? I am trying to work…but now I can’t!! 


I am sitting and dreaming of what I would like the Santa to bring…and I am constantly updating the first page to see who dreams of what...No more interesting topics!!! The dreaming is interfering with my work…can’t afford a watch if I can’t work…


But jokes aside…there are so many watches…if Santa is really creative then I would love to have the number 5 on the time-only-contest or maybe “my” rubber strapped, brushed titanium Overseas US LE …


Now I really need to work…ciao a tutti


Depends on how good I've been this year
12/14/2007 - 17:58

If he thinks I've been really good I wouldn't mind this little baby

If he thinks I've been moderately good I would settle for the Patrimony automatic boutique

Its always a hard choice what to get for the holidays...
12/14/2007 - 22:00

but here are a few vintage items I would love to see in my collection at some point...

1.  ref 33058, 1984 cal 1003 (its the square shaped skeleton) watch that was in Alex's fantastic article on skeleton watches.

2.  a simple all steel 222, with black dial (and box and papers of course).

3.  a time only Toledo from the 1990s in the regular size case (auto or manual wind would be fine with me).

For new watches

4. a Patrimony Traditionnelle in rose gold.

5.  from the Privee Collection a rose gold Louis Cartier Tank XL.

6.  a Royal Oak Dual Time (I've had my eyes on a Royal Oak for years but other things keep getting in its way and moving it toward the back of the line).

7.____  I leave this blank for surprise goodies from SIHH in 2008.

Best regards,


Re: What would you like Santa to bring you?
12/14/2007 - 22:58

For sure the JDN, but i love the VC to, but it will be even more difficult if the urwerk 201 is also a option.

Tell me why santa is not existing, i will ne good :-)



Got the Patrimony boutique, what more can I ask? :)
12/15/2007 - 03:57

Other than VC, uh I dunno...I already accumulated my dream watches over a few years' time: RO chrono, RO Jumbo, VC Patrimony, Malte chrono...maybe that's all for now. I want peace, joy & health for all the good people of Hour Lounge!

The new chrono perpetual of course!
12/16/2007 - 08:12

With the dazzling pt. moondisc. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Please, Santa, come to town...
12/16/2007 - 10:29

along with this

Re: What would you like Santa to bring you?
12/17/2007 - 10:33

because is also my name day i would like this Vacheron Constantin  Patrimony Bi-Retrograde Day & Date or i compromise with a glashutte original

perpetual calendar

may all your wishes became true