What's Doc holding?

As the old Viking I am.
Right from the old ancetors, it's also been a passionate collecting area!

This pic taken wit Mac today shows me someting very rare

What's Doc holding?

What is it?
It's a genuine bracelet from Viking Time, in broze, fragile as ceramic.
Don't bend.
Full history, bought it from the man who found it in the end of 1980s,
when metal detectors were legal. Now you would end up in jail!

Look at the two dragons head.

What's Doc holding?

I bit close to a wrist watch anyhow smiley

Now I heading for this silver ring, from the same source,
and it woukld actually fit my little finger!
Think of that!
What is a tourbillon compared with a siverring from Viking Time.

What's Doc holding?

No, they aren't cheap!



Hagaar the Viking :-) you mean to say that the
02/28/2013 - 19:39
bracelt was actually found by the seller? Are they even allowed to sell such antiques? cool bracelet though, how about a wrist shot?
1991! Then it was stopped. Birka,
03/01/2013 - 21:11
Swedens hshopping centre at that time! Cheers doc