What's your watch whitch gets the most wrist time?

I got this sweety 6 months ago and it has hardly left my wrist since

Malte Chronograph Excellence Platine collection:

What's your watch whitch gets the most wrist time?

What's your watch whitch gets the most wrist time?

Beautiful watch, congrats!
08/15/2007 - 02:26

I am considering this model in RG some time down the road...

Recently I have been wearing my Royal Eagle Chronograph SS and Patrimony Power Reserve WG (both black dialed) most. I have gotten a new beauty today though: a Patrimony Contemporaine YG and am sure it will stay on my wrist for quite a while.


Sorry no pix. I tried to upload all the pictures on my laptop but they got in the way with the text. Will do that next time at the office.

congrats Radek we want pics, we want pics :-) (nt)
08/15/2007 - 10:59


Thanks Alex, I have been looking at my new Patrimony Contemporaine
08/15/2007 - 19:40

admiring and cherishing it all day long and can't really believe I hated the design just a few months back. Now I really am enjoying it and can't get enough. It is my first manual wind, you know. What changed my mind, I think, was a lot of attention that was given to this model on our Lounge in the last couple of months and very positive opinions on the piece from the Loungers. thanks guys, you really had a blessing impact on me in that respect!

This place is dangerous! You log in and you end up buying a watch!!
08/16/2007 - 18:42

Re: What's your watch whitch gets the most wrist time?
08/15/2007 - 02:58

First of all, let me congratulate "chronometer" for such a sexy piece. Great picture but I am sure it looks 100x sexier in person.

Congrats too to Radek for the new acquisition. Seeing the Excellence Platine dial on the Chronograph makes me wonder how beautiful the Contemporaine Excellence Platine must look like. I hope to be able to add a similar watch (although in PG) sooner than later. Now, as to the question...my old Overseas chronograph (black dial w/ arabics) has been seen much wrist time (coupled with...my old Rolex, sshhh!) as the humid whether here really puts a damper on wearing anything with leather straps. I do wear my WG Toledo every now and then because I already have an extra strap in hand. On special occasions, and on dryer days, I wear my Jubile 1755 and I alternate this with my PP 5146 for casual weekends.

Kazumi, here's for you some scans of the Patrimony Contemporaine with
08/16/2007 - 19:42

platinum dial

Whoa! It hit you in the face hard!
08/15/2007 - 07:37

Gorgeous watch indeed!!!  I am like my dog now...

two very different watches get most wrist time
08/15/2007 - 11:04

thats one hell of a gorgeous watch Chronometer and your photos really show the sheen of the dial: Congrats

In the past months I either wear my Urwerk 103.3

or my Patrimony Boutique

Alex, my patrimony boutique's dial got a small dent.
08/15/2007 - 11:29

It was like that when I received it. I realized it after a few days of ownership. You can see it under a bright light but it can't be seen under dark/normal lighting. Same thing happened to my (then) Rolex's dial many2 years ago. Of course, neither affects the performance of the watch. But, is it normal? I mean, maybe the hand finishing is not perfect (of course, all hand finishing can't be perfect, can it?) 

a dent? in the middle of the dial? If
08/15/2007 - 15:44

yes that's not normal (and very weird) but you should take it back.

Yes, kinda like a small dent in the middle.
08/15/2007 - 18:22

The problem is, I have to take it back to Singapore (and they may laugh over that matter). Should I really?

Send it back! A dent no matter how small should not be on the dial!!
08/16/2007 - 12:41


Re: What's your watch whitch gets the most wrist time?
08/15/2007 - 14:36


That's a really lovely watch, a really stunning design! Wear it in good health


thanks guys for your kind words. This watch is my first VC but
08/15/2007 - 22:14

certainly not my last! Up til now I mostly collected PPs but I'm slowly discovering the world of VC and i'm loving it

You're in trouble because its a very well known fact that once you get
08/16/2007 - 16:35

your 1st VC you can't stop!!